Acer Vs Dell Monitor

In the computer world, there are several options, and in numerous possibilities, it is usual to get confused between two or more monitor brands. This is because several monitor brands are available in the market, and each brand has its advantages and loopholes. 

With the increasing competition, each brand tries to create sturdy, latest, and affordable monitors. As a result, you can find tons of monitors equipped with fast refresh rates, good response times that offer outstanding overall performance to the users. 

You can also find monitors that have aesthetic and ergonomic designs equipped with good adaptive sync Technology. Unfortunately, there are plenty of brands swimming around in the sea of computers; therefore, it can be difficult for the consumers to know which one is better than the other.

 This article will be discussing the comparison between the two most popular monitor brands: Acer and Dell. Both the monitors have created their stand in the computer world, and several people rely on them. 

Both Acer and Dell create monitors that are equipped with the latest features and innovations. Both the brands claim to provide outstanding features, but which one delivers better reliability than the other?

 Let’s find out the answer to this question in a brief comparison guide that we have created for the readers. 

Comparison Between Acer and Dell Monitors

Below we have created a brief comparison guide for the users to understand which brand provides better monitors in the market. 

We will be comparing a few features of both the monitors to give you a clearer understanding of which one is better than the other. Let’s start with the details. 

Display Quality

The display is one of the most important factors that users must compare before buying a monitor for themselves. We don’t think that explaining the importance of display is required.

We all know that whatever work you do or which game you play happens on the screen, and if the graphics and the images do not appear suitable, then the entire user experience will be diminished. 

Acer Monitor

Acer monitors have outstanding displays because most of the laptops and monitors created by this brand are primarily for the gaming community.

 Considering the requirements and specifications required for playing competitive games, Acer monitors are equipped with excellent pixel density and colour saturation that enhances the overall gaming experience and the quality of graphically oriented tasks. 

Dell Monitor

On the other hand, Dell monitors also have pretty fantastic displays that render outstanding performance to the users. But unfortunately, most of the Dell monitors do not have higher display frequency for better graphics than the Acer monitors. 


Knowing which monitor offers higher performance and usage is an essential dynamic that must be considered before purchasing. 

Acer Monitor

Acer monitors are considered the best for gaming, and the Predator series recently launched by the brand offers unbelievable graphics.

 Acer monitors are equipped with an outstanding processor and refresh rate that enhances the overall performance of the monitor. 

Dell Monitor

Dell monitors are also considered good in high performance as most of the Dell monitors have great viewing angles. 

To increase the level of performance that users can have, Dell monitors are equipped with blue light filter technology that does not strain the eyes because you can work on the monitor for a long time. 

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Connectivity Options

Both the brand’s monitors come with different variations in terms of connectivity options and availability of ports and stands. You can find the monitors of both Dell and Acer with other HDMI ports or USB Type C. However, most of the monitors also have a USB-A port. 

The variation and availability of these connectivity options depend entirely on the model and the monitor’s price. As far as stands are concerned, it again depends on different models. 

But we can say that both Acer and Dell have strong stands, and you can find VESA stands on most of the models of both the brands that allow you to rotate the monitor three-way, hence getting a perfect viewing angle. 

Price Comparison

Price is another crucial factor that plays a decisive role in figuring out which monitor is better for you.

 Even though the monitor’s price depends on person to person as some people can afford expensive monitors, some people cannot. Keeping this factory in mind, Acer and Dell have created monitors that are affordable for people of every category.

Acer Monitor

 Acer brand has created some of the cheapest monitors in the market, and you can easily find hai competitive gaming monitors at an affordable price. On average, the starting price of the Acer monitors is $150 that can go up to $1000. 

Even if you are not willing to spend so much money and are low on budget, you can find cheap Acer monitors equipped with impressive specifications and features. Because of affordable monitors, Acer is one of the most dominating brands in the market. 

Dell Monitor

On the other hand, Dell does not have cheaper monitors than Acer, but when you compare it with other brands such as Samsung or LG, you might be able to find affordable monitors. 

Dell monitors are equipped with outstanding features and specifications, and if you are willing to lighten the budget a bit, you can find the best Dell monitor with high specifications. Starting price of the Dell monitors can be from $200, and at maximum, you can find it at more than $1200. 

Design and Durability

Who doesn’t want a stylish monitor in front of them? Therefore, the design has become one of the most important factors when choosing between different monitors. Because of this factor, most brands have started to create stylish and uniquely designed monitors. 

But have you ever thought that the monitors that come in unique designs are durable? In comparing design and durability between Dell and Acer, let’s see which one takes the lead. 

Acer Monitor

Since Acer is one of the brands that has always created laptops and monitors, especially for graphic designers and gamers, there are plenty of designs that users can choose from. 

Most of the gaming monitors and laptops built by Acer are super immersive. You can also find curved monitors that offer better viewing angles to the people involved in professional gaming. 

In terms of design and durability, Acer monitors are outstanding. Even in an ultra-slim design, you can find a high level of sturdiness and durability. 

Dell Monitor

On the other hand, in terms of design, Dell monitors are pretty disappointing. Dell has never tried anything new when it comes to the design, and it has always played safe. 

Almost all the Dell monitors have a traditional design which makes them quite dull. But those monitors are apt for the professional workspace. 

However, Dell monitors are superior in terms of durability as compared to the Acer monitors. Indeed Dell has never experimented with the design, but for sure, it has given its hundred per cent to make the monitors durable. 

Warranty and Value for Money

The last category of comparison is the warranty period and the value of money that these brands offer. 

Dell Monitor

Dell monitors are incorporated with a robust QC system, due to which the monitors created by this brand are highly durable. 

The quality of material that is used for making the Dell monitors is superior. Therefore the lifespan is quite long. Even after this level of durability, Dell offers a three years warranty period to the users. 

Although Dell monitors are expensive as compared to Acer monitors, they are equipped with good specifications. Because of their traditional design and high-level performance, they are used widely in the corporate sector. 

Acer Monitor

Acer is also one of the most reliable monitor brands available in the market that offers good quality monitors at an affordable price. 

Even though the durability level of Acer monitors is low as compared to Dell, you can find good Acer monitors even at a low price. Similar to the Dell monitors, Acer monitors also come with a three year warranty period. 

Whatever amount of money you spend on an Acer monitor, you get outstanding performance in return. Therefore, it is the perfect value for the money that you have invested. 

Which Brand is Superior To the Other? 

These were the comparison of the features that are offered by the monitors of the Dell and Acer brands. Both brands provide monitors with outstanding features that can enhance the user experience to a reasonable level. 

Even though you must have gotten a fair idea as to which one is better than the other. Still, let’s summarise the entire comparison in a better way. 

Below we will be discussing which monitor is better for gaming and which one is better for normal browsing and official work. 

Which Brand is Better for Gaming Monitors: Acer or Dell? 

If your sole purpose for buying a monitor is for gaming, we recommend you go for Acer monitors. Despite the fact If you are a casual gamer or a professional gamer, Acer is better than Dell when it comes to gaming. 

The newly launched series of Acer Predators is one of the best monitors that you can use as they are specifically designed as per the requirements of gamers.

 Acer monitors have better viewing angles than Dell monitors. They are also equipped with high refresh rates and outstanding quality graphics that are the primary features required for a good gaming experience. 

Which Brand is Better for Office Work Monitors: Acer or Dell? 

If you are looking for a monitor for office work or casual browsing, we suggest you Dell monitors. Of course, it is not like Acer monitors cannot be used for office work or incorporations. Still, Dell monitors are most likely to render better performance in the office and for professional work.

 The traditional and sturdy design of the Dell monitors makes them the perfect fit for the corporations, and the most significant feature because of which we recommend you to use Dell is the incorporation of the Blue Light Eye Technology. 

Because of this technology, users can work for long hours in front of the monitors without putting strain on their eyes. In addition, it is because of this technology that corporations and offices used Dell monitors and laptops in their work area. 

Best Dell and Acer Monitors

Below we have mentioned a few Dell and Acer Monitors that you should consider buying as per your budget and requirements. 

Dell Monitors

  • Dell Alienware AW3420DW- Top Recommendation
  • Dell Ultrasharp U2719DX- Good for Gaming
  • Dell P Series- Affordable Monitor
  • Dell U Series- Good for Office Use
  • Dell Marketing U4919DW- Good 27 inch Monitor

Acer Monitors

  • Acer Predator XB253Q- Top Recommendation
  • Acer Nitro VG272- Affordable Monitor
  • Acer Predator X34- Ultrawide Monitor
  • Acer Predator XB271HU- IPS Panel Display
  • Acer XZ321Q- Best Gaming Monitor

All of these Monitors of both the brands can fulfil your requirements if you choose wisely as per your requirement. 

And, we’d suggest, investing in a good monitor is better even if it is a bit expensive as it will provide long-lasting results to the users. But if your budget is tight then, go for Acer Monitor instead of Dell. 

Summing Up

Both Dell and Acer brands have a variety of monitors that come with outstanding features and robust processors. The ultimate decision of which monitor is good for you depends on your requirements, the purpose you want to use the monitor for and your budget. 

For example, if you’re going to use a monitor for office work and casual browsing, Dell would be the best brand for you if you are willing to buy an expensive monitor. 

But if your primary purpose is gaming, you can find an affordable monitor of the Acer brand equipped with solid features and immersive graphics.

Knowing your needs while choosing between Acer and Dell monitors is extremely important because you cannot buy a Dell monitor and expect it to provide you with outstanding gameplay.

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