AOC AG493UCX 49 Inch Monitor

Brand AOC
Screen size 49-inch
Resolution Dual QHD
Display tech LCD
Series AGON
Color Black/Silver
Price Under $1000

Key Features of AOC AGON AG493UCX Ultra-Wide Monitor

Design and Features

  • It is a massive 49-inch ultrawide monitor with 5120 by 1440p resolution at the 32:9 aspect ratio.
  • The whole screen has a matte finishing, and the panel is curved.
  • The aspect ratio equals two 27-inch QHD monitors, meaning it will be highly alluring to perform different tasks, including gaming.
  • The huge monitor supports a sturdy stand with one leg and two tiny arms to help the monitor stand. One metal leg is fixed at the middle to keep it straight and focused, while the other two short arms are at the sides.
  • The stand allows the monitor to make height or swivel adjustments or even tilt to the proper position. It will keep the monitor at the right angle according to your sitting positions so your eye won’t get eyestrain and your neck won’t hurt after extended use of the monitor.
  • The front of the monitor is simple, though. All the connectivity inputs are at the back and easily reachable while sitting on the chair. AOC AGON gaming monitor offers two HDMI 2.0 inputs, one USB Type-C port that supports DisplayPort over USB that can handle other devices and share the data and audio and video. It also offers two DisplayPort 1.4 ports as an alternative and an Ethernet cable port for the LAN connection.
  • The AGON AG493CUX monitor has two built-in 5-watts speakers, but you also get a 3.5mm headphone jack for private listening.
  • The monitor also comes with a remote control to manage the on-screen display. However, several built-in buttons at the bottom of the monitor are also available for the same purpose.
  • It also has a KVM feature that allows working on a couple of monitors simultaneously using a Keyboard, Video, and mouse.


  • The visual experience is exciting with its curved panel and 5120 by 1440p resolution. It brings immersive viewing while reducing eye fatigue as we have the focus on the center.
  • The monitor runs at a 120Hz refresh rate, which could be better for gaming. However, it is still an adequate number to experience fast response and smoothness while playing.
  • All the gamers are happy with its 1ms of response time which makes the gaming more exciting. The monitor does not stop bringing fluence to your gaming routines; it still has AMD Free Sync to offer that will allow screen safety at fast-paced games.
  • There are several preset picture modes that you can opt for according to your needs. Its blur reduction feature enhances the overall performance by reducing unnecessary light output and making the image accurate.
  • It offers four HDR modes that adjust the brightness and contrast level accordingly.
  • The color gamut coverage falls a little in VA panels, but it offers 100% sRGB, 89% of PCI-P3, and 83% of Adobe RG range, which is relatively inspiring.
  • The contrast ratio remains at 3000:1, which means the brightness and saturation will be adequate on display for delivering satisfactory performance.
  • It shows 1ms of pixel response, again a fantastic feature for the gamers. The built-in speakers also deliver powerful sound with balanced bass.
  • Decent contrast ratio.
  • Peak brightness.
  • It comes with remote control.
  • A giant screen is perfect for boosting productivity at work.
  • Color coverage is perfect.
  • It comes with a warranty.
  • 15ms of input lag.