Asus VP28UQG Review

If you are a gaming enthusiast and are looking for the best TV monitor to take your hobby to the next level in terms of the viewing experience, this is the best possible product for you. This product offers various innovative features such as 1ms response time, Asus-exclusive Eye Care technology, and FreeSync for a silky smooth gaming experience to enhance your viewing experience.

Besides, the product also offers color temperature selection for viewers in 4 modes. Further, you can work from the comfort of the home or anywhere else with the facility related to the multiple connectivities. If you are looking for different options for eye care technology, then you should read the reviews of the best monitor for eye strain. Some additional product features are as follows.

ASUS VP28UQG 28Inch Monitor

Asus VP28UQG Monitor
Screen size28 inches
Resolution Display Technology4K UHD 2160p
PriceUnder $250

Main Features of ASUS VP28UQG Monitor

Design And Features

  • To reduce eye strain and ailments, the product offers exclusive ASUS Eye Care Technology. This product eliminates flickering and lowers blue lights with filters.
  • The product offers exclusive GamePlus and GameVisual settings for enhancing color control and performance.
  • With a 5-way OSD joystick, you can institute intuitive monitor controls to access various features, such as ASUS GamePlus on-the-fly.
  • With resolution display technology related to 4K/UHD, 3840 x 2160, the product offers immersive visuals.
  • Some other features of this product include Adaptive Sync/AMD FreeSync and multiple connectives.


  • With the ASUS Eye Care Technology, the product reduces eye strain by eliminating flickering and lowering blue light.
  • The contrast ratio of this product is 1000:1, and display colors include 1073.7 M 10 bit.
  • With Adaptive-Sync/Free Sync supported graphics source, the product adjusts display refresh rate based on typical content frame rates for low latency display, stutter-free, and power-efficient performance.
  • The product offers multiple connectivities with Display Port and dual HDMI connectivity.
  • With the 5 Way OSD joystick button, you can access various features, such as ASUS Game Plus on the fly, Exclusive Game Plus, and Game Visual settings.
  • The design of the product is fantastic and harmonizes with the room and premises’ decor.



Final Verdict

The ASUS VP28UQG 28 inch monitor is a good value for money, as it offers you 4K resolution, besides having a low input lag and fast response time. Moreover, for gamers who have an AMD graphics card, the integrated FreeSync technology makes games run without any stutter. Considering the reasonable price tag, it’s truly a good deal.

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