Best 49 Inch Monitor

Top 3 Picks of Best 49 Inch Monitor in 2021

  • SAMSUNG 49 Inch– Best Gaming Monitor Under 1500 If budget is not an issue for you and you want the best thing available in the market for your house or even your office-related work, you must blindly purchase this monitor to trust the Samsung brand for an electronic device.

  • Dell Marketing USA LP Ultra Sharp– Best For All Purposes This is a mid-range monitor available in the market that also from one of the world’s best brands. So, if you are looking for a long-lasting and reliable monitor for your office or house, then this Dell monitor is for you.

  • Asus ROG Strix XG49VQ 49– Premium Quality Curved GamingMonitor If you are tight on budget and looking for a device with everything you need, including a bigger screen with good display quality, you must purchase this ASUS monitor without overthinking.

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1. SAMSUNG 49 Inch Monitor

Samsung 49-Inch CHG90
Display49 inches, curved display
Display TechnologyLCD
Refresh rate120 Hz
PriceUnder 1100

Samsung is the most famous brand worldwide making android devices, television, and many other electronic items. This is one of the best television for all sorts of activities. If you are looking for a television for your office or home, this is the perfect product for someone like you.

Main Features Of SAMSUNG 49 Inch Monitor

  • This television screen has a 49-inch super ultra-wide dual QHD curved gaming display which is providing enhanced productivity.
  • It comes with AMD FreeSync 2 technology and 120 Hz for a more crisp HDR content display, which will provide low frame rate compensation.
  • This T.V’s HDR 1000 supports a peak brightness rating of 1000 nits; additionally, its QLED technology delivers brighter and realistic colours.
  • This monitor’s display has enhanced productivity through split-screen functions like picture-by-picture; it also allows you to connect two devices simultaneously with the same picture quality.
  • If you are a gamer, then you can connect multiple gaming devices like play-station, X-box, PC, Mac, desktop, etc. and many others.

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  • It comes in 49 inches with a curved screen that provides a realistic effect.
  • This item has a fast refresh rate of 120 Hz, which makes changing things smooth.


  • It displays only use the LCD screen, and it is quite expensive.
  • This LCD is only able to show HD quality pictures.

2. Dell Marketing USA LP Ultra Sharp Monitor

Dell Marketing USA LP Ultra Sharp Monitor
Display49 inches, curved
Resolution5120 X 1440p
Display TechnologyLED-Lit
Weight37.9 Pounds
Dimension47.84 X 9.94 X 18.06 inches
Refresh rate60 Hz
PriceUnder 1330

Desktops, laptops, and television of the brand Dell are one of the most reliable worldwide. They are the only company that provides metal body laptops which is rare nowadays. If you are looking for a long-lasting type of television, then this item is the one for you.

Main Features Of DELL Ultra Sharp Monitor

  • This desktop does not require long and thick wires to operate, it only needs one USB-port cable so there won’t be many cables hanging around.
  • It comes with USB-C type output that can help you charge your other devices like laptops and mobile with 90wi fast charging.
  • This monitor uses picture by picture technology for a splitting screen which allows you to do multiple works simultaneously.
  • This desktop allows a keyboard, video, and mouse to toggle between two PCs using KVM features you just need to connect both PCs with this feature.


  • It comes with a high-quality resolution of 5120 X 1440p for better picture quality.
  • It can reduce blue light to ease your eyes and give comfort during the night.
  • This device provides correct bright colors for realistic picture quality.


  • It has less refresh rate of 60 Hz at such an expensive price rate.

3. Philips Brilliance 499P9H Monitor

Philips Brilliance 499P9H Monitor
Display49 inches, super-wide curved display
Resolution5K UHD ultra wide 2160p
Display TechnologyLED
Weight33.6 pounds
Dimension47 X 22.4 X 11.9 inches
Refresh rate60 Hz

Curved 49 inch screen monitor for day to day use in the office or the house for a realistic experience. Phillips has an excellent reputation in the electronic market that includes every item from a small tube-light to a giant monitor. So, if you want a television for your house’s drawing-room, then you must purchase this product.

Main Features Of Philips Brilliance 499P9H

  • It has an aspect ratio of 32:9 along with a 49-inch curved display with 5K UHD resolution built to replace the multi-screen setup.
  • This monitor comes with adaptive sync technology that gives you a smooth gaming experience without any broken frames with a fast response time.
  • This monitor comes with a built-in USB-C type docking station that helps you connect your keyboard, mouse or and other devices easily.
  • This monitor comes with a pop-up webcam to help you get your work done, and it tucks back in when you don’t need it.

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  • It can do a job of two 27 inches QHD monitors combine with better and realistic quality.
  • This desktop has a very rare reversible USB-C type dock.
  • This monitor comes with HDR, which adds a more realistic effect to your pictures.


  • This product is quite expensive, and its only drawback is that it only has a 60 Hz refresh rate.

4. SAMSUNG 49 inch Odyssey G9 Premium Quality

SAMSUNG 49 inch Odyssey G9 Premium Quality
Display48.7 inches, curved display
ResolutionQHD wide 1440p
Display TechnologyLED
Weight31.1 pounds
Dimension16.39 X 45.18 X 21.15 inches
Refresh rate240 Hz
PriceUnder 3000

If you are into gaming and are frustrated with playing a game on small screen laptops and desktops, your wait is finally over because Samsung brings you a big 49-inch curved monitor exclusively for gaming. So, if you are struggling with a small screen while playing then get yourself this fantastic product.

Main Features Of SAMSUNG Odyssey G9 Monitor

  • This monitor is fantastic for gaming with a 49-inch display and 32:9 aspect ratio you will get a wider view, and you can do some other work while pausing the game.
  • This desktop has an incredible response time that allows you to kill your enemy in the game before you can blink your eye.
  • It comes with G-sync and FreeSync technology that can help you drop frames and get a clear picture of everything while playing and watching.
  • It has a display of 1000 radius so that you can seat in between and enjoy every moment of playing games and watching videos.

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  • The most amazing feature of this item is that it comes with a 240 Hz refresh rate.
  • It uses quantum dot technology for getting better colors than the usual screen.


  • This desktop is a lot more expensive, and it only has an LED screen instead of a better SAMOLED.

5. AOC AGON Curved Gaming Monitor

AOC AGON Curved Gaming Monitor
Display49 inches, curved display
ResolutionDual QHD
Display TechnologyLCD
Dimension18.4 X 47.02 X 12.13 inches
Refresh rate120 Hz
PriceUnder 1000

If you are a gamer and want a big screen to play your high-quality games, then AOC curved gaming desktop is a mind-blowing product. So, if you are looking for good quality, plus a budget-friendly monitor, then you must go ahead and purchase this fantastic monitor.

Main Features Of AOC AGON Curved Gaming Monitor

  • It is a professional gaming monitor with a curved screen and has a world-class resolution of dual QHD 5129 X 1440p in a 49-inch screen.
  • Its curvature has a radius of 1800R for better edge to edge view and a fast response time of 1ms and refreshes rate up to 120 Hz.
  • For better color contrast and stunning picture quality, it has certified display HDR 400 & 121.6% sRGB & 90% Adobe RGB, and ideal for photo editing.
  • This monitor is accessible to multiple device input capable with a built-in KVM switch and picture by picture support that allows quick switching in USB slots.

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  • This monitor is super fast because of its 120 Hz refresh rate.
  • It has a display HDR 400 along with color accuracy technology.
  • It is also an ideal monitor for gaming with a faster response time.


  • This television desktop only uses LCD technology.
  • It is not made for use at night time as there is no blue light reducing technology.

6. Viotek SUW49DA 49 Inch

Viotek SUW49DA 49 Inch
Display49 inches, ultra-wide monitor
ResolutionDQHD 1440p
Display TechnologyLED
Weight24.25 pounds
Dimension46.4 X 18.35 X 9.46 inches
Hardware interfaceHDMI
Refresh rate120 Hz
PriceUnder 900

Viotek is a new company in the market, but it is getting quite popular these days for providing durable and reliable monitors. If you want an excellent television at an average budget price or if you want to gift someone anything this Christmas, this product is perfect for you.

Main Features Of Viotek SUW49DA Monitor

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  • The main advantage of purchasing this monitor is that it is budget-friendly plus 49 inches of display.
  • It has a super-fast refresh rate of 120 Hz along with a faster response time for gaming purposes.
  • It is very light in weight and has a very slim body that can fit anywhere.


  • It uses a conventional hardware interface known as HDMI instead of USB or USB-C.

7. Asus ROG Strix XG49VQ 49 Inch Monitor

Asus ROG Strix XG49VQ 49 Inch Monitor
Display49 inch, curved display
ResolutionDual FHD 1080p
Display TechnologyLED
Weight21.38 pounds
Dimension46.98 X 20.83 X 13.57 inches
Refresh rate144 Hz
PriceUnder 800

This is the gaming monitor for someone who owns a gaming store and has many gamers throughout the day. If you want a television for gaming purpose throughout the day non-stop, then this is the monitor you must buy as it gives long term reliability.

Main Features Of Asus ROG Strix XG49VQ Monitor

  • This T.V monitor has an in-built integrated exclusive ASUS GamePlus hotkey that offers in-game enhancement, and it will allow you to develop more gaming skills.
  • It comes with flicker-free technology that will help your eyes during night time by reducing blue light, so you can work or play all night long.
  • This monitor has been certified with display HDR 400 to deliver the best HDR quality of picture while playing or watching.
  • This monitor has an ultra-widescreen and has a curvature of 1800R, and it will provide you with the best cinematic colors.


  • It is the most light-weighted, slimmest, and cheapest 49-inch monitor available in the whole market.
  • It comes with one of the fastest refresh rates of 144 Hz along with a faster response time.
  • This monitor comes with a durable stand, or else you can mount it on a wall.


  • Though it has a widescreen, this monitor lags in resolution and has only FHD 1080p.

8. Deco Gear 49 Inch Monitor

Deco Gear 49 Inch Monitor
BrandDeco Gear
Resolution3840 X 1080p
Display49 inch, curved display
Display TechnologyLED
Weight34.4 pounds
Dimension52.44 X 23.15 X 8.75 inches
Hardware interfaceHDMI
Refresh rate144 Hz
PriceUnder 850

You will fall in love with this monitor’s screen’s fabulous display as it is 49 inches big with a curved display and E-LED technology. If you are looking for a desktop for better quality pictures and have a realistic experience while playing great games, this product is for you.

Main Features Of Deco Gear 49 Inch Monitor

  • This monitor can do the job of multiple setup monitors as it has a more prominent 49-inch display. Additionally, this device doesn’t require any cables to work.
  • Its wider screen will help you get your work done faster and easier with the help of edge-to-edge color detection, plus it is ideal for gaming purposes also.
  • The certification test HDR 400 has been done on this monitor, and it has a contrast ratio of 3000:1, which will display the darkest black and brightest white.
  • This monitor comes with 3 HDMI ports, which are conventional type and display port and audio output, making your device an ideal media hub


  • The bigger screen improves viewing of the picture and gives less stress and strain to your eyes.
  • It has red accents at the back of our ultra-wide monitor to add a red hue to the desktop or wall.


  • This monitor does not have any USB port or USB-C type port; instead, it has an old-fashioned HDMI port.

9. VIOTEK SUW49C 49 Inch Monitor With Speakers

VIOTEK SUW49C 49 Inch Monitor With Speakers
Display49 inches, curved monitor
ResolutionFull HD 3840 X 1080p
Display TechnologyLED
Weight34 pounds
Dimension47.2 X 17.5 X 9.5 inches
Refresh rate144 Hz

Nowadays, it is hard to find such a great deal while buying a television as this product comes with speakers without any extra cost. If you are looking for a television for a house, you might need a speaker set for good sound; hence, this set is perfect for you.

Main Features Of VIOTEK SUW49C Monitor

  • This screen causes you to feel like you’re in charge of a war room, fight station or lashed in your warrior fly cockpit.
  • The 32:9 presentation covers almost your whole field-of-see like you have two 25-inch ultrawide gaming screens next to each other.
  • It has 1800R shape, you’ll see the entirety of the game’s scene and excellent foundation. Likewise, it is more than a gaming screen.
  • This is one of the primary super ultra-wide screens to ultimately uphold High Dynamic Range (HDR), it is worked with an industry-driving VA board.


  • This 144Hz screen is adjusted to convey 16.7 million tons at 3000:1 differentiation proportion, enhanced gaming, watching motion pictures, or dealing with projects where shading exactness is pivotal.
  • Colors are sensible, and the splendid HDR components fly off the screen.


  • The only drawback of buying this monitor is that the brand manufacturing the product is new and is not experienced.

10. Acer EI491CR Pbmiiipx 49 Inch Monitor

Acer EI491CR Pbmiiipx 49 Inch Monitor
Display49 inches, curved display
ResolutionDFHD 3840 X 1080p
Display TechnologyLED
Weight25.2 pounds
Dimension47.2 X 9.8 X 18.54 inches
Refresh rate144 Hz

As we all know that Acer is one of the best Chinese brand manufacturing laptops and electronic devices. So, it is a wise choice to go ahead and purchase a television monitor from this company as you get everything you need in just one monitor along with durability and reliability.

Main Features Of Acer EI491CR Pbmiiipx 49 Inch Monitor

  • This monitor will make you experience ultra-smooth and lag-free gameplay with faster frame rendering with super-fast refresh rate and response time.
  • This device comes with quantum dot display technology that will provide better color viewing and differentiate in red and green.
  • Its super synchronization will eliminate choppy and distracting visual tear game-play with AMD Radeon FreeSync technology and provide smooth gaming.
  • This amazing monitor can be set up anywhere in your room where you can seat in the middle of the screen and enjoy your mind-blowing games.



  • This monitor lags in protecting your eyes, and it does not reduce blue light on the screen.

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