Amazon Basics Premium - quality monitor stand

Dimensions 25.6 x 6.9 x 16.2 inches
Weight 11.9 pounds
Color Black
Price Under 200

With Amazon Basics Premium Dual Monitor Stand, you get access to the latest monitor stands technology. In addition, this product enhances your productivity by providing a reliable and attractive base.

Main Features Of Amazon Basic Monitor Stand

  • With the facility of dual side by side monitor arm it is possible for you to use the device easily.
  • The monitor arm offers you various innovative features such as tilt for changing the reading angles, arm extend and retract feature, rotation from landscape to portrait mode, and a tilt ranging from 70° back to 5° forward
  • With its flexibility, you easily use the monitor without a need to toggle between different applications.​
  • Each of its monitor arm can hold a monitor that weighs up to 20 pounds. The monitor arm is VESA compatible.​
  • According to a user, during installation, the monitor stand could not adjust to a certain degree even after trying for half an hour.​
  • According to a few users, the installation takes a lot of time. ​

VARIDESK Monitor Stand - best for ultrawide monitor

Dimensions 18 x 15 x 6.6 inches
Weight 15.75 pounds
Color Black
Price Under 200

When compared to other products, these ideal dual monitor stands offers various innovative features such as seamlessly supporting dual monitors required for multi-tasking in a workplace in a secure and safe manner. Further, its aesthetically designed.

Main Features Of VariDesk Dual Monitor Stand

  • Offers different features and is compatible with VESA standard.
  • Can be used for dual monitors at the workplace.
  • This is a fully articulating monitor that rotates 360 degrees.
  • The maximum arm extension is 29 inch.
  • The monitor arm supports weight up to 19.8 lbs.
  • The arm height adjustment range of monitor is 12 inch
  • The movement of arms of this product is stable and smooth after they are installed. ​
  • They are highly adjustable as per your requirement in the workplace.​
  • The monitor arms are very easy for you set up and requires minor assembly, also requires light tightening with a wrench.​
  • According to a few users, the screen wobbles when one tries to type normally on the keyboard which shares the same desk.​

EleTab Dual Monitor Mount Stand

Dimensions 16.2 x 11.7 x 6.5 inches
Weight 16.6 pounds
Color Black
Price Under 100

When compared to similar products in the market, this best multiple monitor stand supports most LCD monitors that measures 27 inches or smaller. Further, it creates a reliable and attractive base and at the same time, with a stylish design, offers harmony with your interior design.

Main Features Of EleTab Dual Monitor Stand

  • The dual monitor stands support most of the available screens that range from 13 inch to 32 inch size and 19.8 lbs in weight.
  • With various adjustable arms related to length and height, the product offers you ergonomic comfort.
  • With gas spring arms, the product offers a 19.8 inches height adjustable range, as well as a smooth adjustment motion for balancing the weight
  • With cable management feature with integrated cable management, enables you to keep a clean and neat table-top, and that in turn, offers a stylish appearance as well as comfortable work environment.​
  • It is easy for you to install the product and does not require technical specialization.​
  • Through the use of the heavy-duty C-clamp or optional grommet mount, it becomes possible for you to free up the work space.​
  • According to a few users, after installation, the heavy-duty arms were a bit wobbly and the rotation of the product is slightly loose during its functioning.​

Mount-It- Dual Arm Monitor Mount

Dimensions 24.5 x 5.5 x 17.5 inches
Weight 17 lbs
Color Black
Price Under 150

Considered as the most stylish desk mount model, these latest dual monitor mounts remain a perfect choice for your LCD monitor.  The product offers many innovative user-friendly features designed specifically for increasing your productivity.

Main Features Of Mount Monitor Stand

  • This product support not only all screens that are up to 27 inches size, but also the weight of the screens up to 20 pounds each with 75x75mm or 100x100mm.
  • This product is available with dual monitor arm, gas spring arms with integrated hide away cable management, thus effortlessly blends in your workplace.
  • You can easily install this product as it is available with all the required tools, mounting hardware, and instructions required for easy assembly.
  • According to dual monitor stand reviews, this product is ergonomically perfect as it is available with fully adjustable functions such as tilt, raise, lower, swivel. Further, every screen can have 360 degrees rotation. ​
  • According to some users, the language of the instructions is not user-friendly. Further, the manufacturer does not offer clear visuals of the steps related to the installation.​
  • According to a few users, the hardware listed on the instruction sheet does not match the components included in the product kit.​
  • The motion of the arms is not as smooth when compared to similar products in the market.​

Mount-It Ideal Two Monitors Stand

Dimensions 16.8 x 10.8 x 6.6 inches
Weight 12.8 pounds
Color Black
Price Under 100

The best dual monitor arms definitely will increase your productivity as it displays twice the information at the same time without switching the applications.

However, its installation requires specially designed monitor stands due to some pertinent issues such as the use of space and a need to place them close to another, especially if you’re a gamer and using a GPU which supports multi monitor setup. This two monitors stand is ideally suited for such purposes.

Main Features Of Mount it Monitor Stand

  • When compared to other similar models, this product effortlessly supports Fits 2 screens up to 32 inches, with a maximum support weight of 17.6 pounds each.
  • With USB ports, this monitor stand is very flexible and retains the ability to swivel left/right 360 degrees, left/right 360 degrees, as well as lower/raise a total of 11.5 inches.
  • With the assistance of instruction sheet, you can install it easily in the workplace.
  • Very solid construction​
  • Lot of adjustable features, especially for small monitors​
  • Effortless adjustments as per your requirement​
  • Offers two options for mounting - grommet and clamp​
  • Expensive when compared to similar products in the market​
  • Some issues related to USB pass-through such as 1 cable rather than 2.​

AVLT-Power 32 inch

Dimensions 17.6 x 12.4 x 5.5 inches
Weight 19.6 pounds
Color Black
Price Under 150

When compared with other dual monitor stands, this most economical monitor stand remains the best choice due to its premium quality and stylish design that not only matches the décor of your home or workplace, but also enhances it in a considerable way.

Main Features Of AV LT Power Monitor Stand

  • This premium product has been specifically designed to support dual 13 inches to 32 inches curved monitors weight up to 20 lbs each.
  • With extra-long pole for raising weight, the product can raise the monitor up to 32.6 inches height which is longer when compared to similar products in the market.
  • To increase productivity, as well as upgrade to multi-monitor gaming setups, this product uses premium construction and an advanced computer monitor swivel.​
  • With various advanced features such as detachable VESA plate, built-in USB & AUX Port, extra height adjustment, and an ergonomic viewing angle, the product remains the best choice for those of you who require comfortable working and gaming setups. ​
  • You can install the product easily without effort.​
  • According to a few users, the stand sticks out behind desk and while installing, hence you need to leave some space between wall and the desk.​
  • When compared to other similar products, the cable management is average. ​

HUANUO Dual Arm Monitor Stand

Dimensions 6.7 x 2 x 4.7 inches 
Weight 11.68 pounds
Color White
Price Under 100

Considered as a premium brand when compared to similar products in the market, this monitor stand offers a comfortable and completely adjustable stand. Moreover with its stylish design, this product also makes a fashion statement.

Main Features Of Huanuo Monitor Stand

  • Compatible with most of the 15 inches to 27 inches computer screens available in the market that weighs up to 17.6 lbs further, compatible with both VESA 75x75 mm and 100x100 mm.
  • With adjustable angles such as swivel, tilt and 360°rotation of the monitor, it becomes easy for you to find an optimal angle and enhance your productivity. The monitor stand also supports different orientations such as portrait and landscape
  • With its stylish design, the product also makes a fashion statement and remains in harmony with the workplace décor.​
  • In sync with the desk attachment, the product works great.​
  • You can do easy assembly of the product just with the assistance of the instruction manual. As the product is flexible, it is easy for you to adjust the angle as required. ​
  • It is very difficult to install the tension adjustors during installation as they are very sensitive and delicate.​
  • The installation of wires on the arms results in clutter. ​

Dual Arm Monitor Stand

Dimensions 16.9 x 10.5 x 4.1 inches
Weight 11.77 pounds
Color White
Price Under 150

Are you concerned that you get limited space at your workstation? Do you suffer from different health issues such as back, shoulder, and neck pain after a busy day working on your computer? To get an ergonomic solution and increase your productivity, using this product remain the best choice.

Main Features Of AV LT Power Monitor Stand

  • With gas spring system, the product offers smooth and free adjustments for optimal viewing angle, as well as customized swivel and heights.
  • Considered as a universal computer monitor stand holder, this product supports two 17 inches to 32 inches LCD screens with VESA Mounting pattern of 75 x 75mm and 100 x 100mm, it can hold 3.3lbs to 17.6lbs per arm
  • As this product enables you to hold 2 monitors simultaneously on 1 stand off the desktop, it frees up more space on your desk that you can use for other tasks. ​
  • The feature such as the integrated cable management enables you to keep your wires tidy and reduces the clutter.​
  • The assembly of the product is very easy and effortless.​
  • According to a few users, instruction manual for installation require some improvement.​

FEZIBO Adjustable Full Motion Monitor Mount

Dimensions 23 x 5.2 x 24.5 inches
Weight 16.5 pounds
Color Black
Price Under 100

With this desk monitor mount, the manufacturers offer various user-friendly features such as ergonomic design and optimal viewing height

You can increase productivity with the support of dual monitors at the same time, and the use of integrated cable management.

Main Features Of Fezibo Monitor Stand

  • With ergonomic design feature, you can adjust the stand with height up to 17.7 inches hight.
  • With the use of durable and sturdy aerospace aluminum alloy, the product offers you corrosion resistance and superior durability. Further, it easily bears the tension that happens during any kind of adjustment
  • With these two monitor stands, you get a lot of adjustability with the monitor tilted down or up as well as the arms left, right, up and down.​
  • With the inclusion of hex wrench in the kit, the all joints can be easily tightened.​
  • With this product, you get a good and solid monitor stand that can support dual monitors without hassle.​
  • According to a few users, even with an integrated cable management, one can see the wires. ​

VIVO Dual Arm Monitor Desk Mount

Dimensions 16.1 x 12.4 x 6.3 inches
Weight 11.02 pounds
Color Black
Price Under 50

With this best multi monitor stand, you can increase your productivity and elevate your lifestyle with various user-friendly features such as the use of ergonomic viewing angles as well as efficiency. Further, with the flexibility and reliability of the product, you can set monitors at any viewing angle that is comfortable for you.

Main Features Of VIVO Monitor Stand

  • This product can support two screens up to 27 inches in size and 14.3 lbs in weight each with VESA 75x75mm or 100x100mm mounting holes at the same time.
  • With pneumatic spring arms, it is possible for you to install Tool-less monitor placement with perfect counterbalance presentation in all directions.
  • According to a dual monitor stand review, when compared to similar products in the market, the cost of this product is low.​
  • The product offers you 2 different desk mounting options as per your requirement.​
  • When compared to other similar products in the market, this product offers more flexibility and reliability.​
  • According to some users, although this model has an integrated cable management feature, the compartments or holes are small and require large desks to accomodate it.​