Best Monitor for Developers

  • Best Overall: LG 34UC98 W at Amazon. You can get all features in one Monitor under $700 Overall rated as best by front end developers.
  • Best Monitor For Front End Developer: Dell P Series 42.51 inches Screen LED Lit Monitor at Amazon.If you are a professional front end developer than you know the importance of having the best monitor for coding This is a must have for you as it is worth spending each penny.
  • Best 4K 23 Inch Monitor For Coding: HP 23.8 inch FHD IPS Monitor at Amazon.This is a catch for you if you are looking for best vertical monitor for coding and you are having a tight budget go for it under 150.”,”Most Economical: Dell Computer Ultrasharp U2415 at Amazon.”,”This is the most economical monitor with all in one features.

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Best Monitor for Developers Comparison Table

Dell UltraSharp Monitor

Dell UltraSharp Monitor
Display Size27 Inches
Dimensions24.07 X 20.68 X 6 inches
Weight14.6 Pounds
Resolution4K UHD 2160p
Hardware InterfaceUSB, Display port, USB Type-C, HDMI
Priceunder 600

We all are well- aware of the international company Dell and especially for its computers and laptops. They are the only organization who is manufacturing metal laptops in the entire world for long-lasting and more durability.

By purchasing this monitor you will bring the latest technology at your home, which will get updates from time to time. So, if you are looking for a monitor screen for any purpose, we bet you this is the one.

Main Features Of Dell UltraSharp Monitor

  • This is one of the thinnest monitor with a sleek design that will provide pixel resolution up to 3840x2160p, plus comes with an LED backlight.
  • It has a wide viewing enabled by the technology called In-plane switching which will provide consistent and vibrant colors.
  • It is a multi connectable monitor that can be used to connect with your mobile phone, USB, card reader, and many others.
  • This model’s 4K UHD brightens up the screen with 350 Nit input power and will require 100 to 230 volts of AC for working.


  • This item is all in one monitor as it has 4K resolution, 27 inches of screen, and it is even less in weight.​
  • This item comes with a warranty period which is not offered by most of the brands nowadays, plus you can return it within 30 days.​


  • This monitor will be a little bit costly, but if you are looking for the best then definitely this is the best.​

AOC Full HD ultra slim Monitor

AOC Full HD ultra slim Monitor
Display Size27 Inches
Dimensions17.97 X 24.1 X 7.2 inches
Weight11.28 Pounds
ResolutionFull HD 1080p
Hardware InterfaceVGA, HDMI
PriceUnder 150

AOC may not be a brand that is well-known like Dell but it offers the best deals in the world of computers. If you are a daily reader of our page and trust the word we say then this monitor is perfect for everyone. By everyone we mean children, coder, gamer, office user, etc and it is very affordable also. So, if you are looking for a monitor for all sorts of works, then you must go for this one.

Main Features Of AOC Full HD ultra slim Monitor

  • It comes with a tough substitute dark completion and a rich 3-sided frameless plan.
  • Its 27 inch IPS board offers incredible adaptability through great shading exactness and wide array inclusion.
  • The 27B2H is the ideal screen for regular use, regardless of whether you are in the workplace or at home.
  • This monitor is offering without flicker innovation and an easy to use graphical OSD menu and this screen will make your review experience simple and direct.
  • It accompanies an earphone sound out port 3.5mm, permitting you to effortlessly tune in to sound by connecting speakers or earphones into the screen when the PC is associated with by means of HDMI association.


  • At such an affordable price, you can’t find any other PC plus it comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack especially for gamers.​
  • It is a multi-purpose device so everyone in your house can use it for any purpose including your kid to your old age grandfather.​


  • This monitor only has a resolution up to 1080p which is quite less for new monitors.​

LG 34UC98-W Monitor

LG 34UC98-W Monitor
Dimensions 32.2 x 9.1 x 17.8 in
Weight17.2 lbs
PriceUnder 700

Described as the best monitor for front end developer, this product is renowned widely for the innovative technologies it incorporates. For example, this product includes the technology known as Thunderbolt 2.0 that enables the user to connect different compatible devices and move relevant data between them at 10-gigabits-per-second.

The monitor also has a Screen Split 2.0 with PIP mode that is sure to increase work output. The best monitor for front end developer also enables you to adjust the height or tilt of the product as it includes an adjustable stand. Some other features include the inclusion of USB 3.0 quick charge with which you can charge any electronic device such as your smartphone. This particular feature makes it the best monitor for developers.

Main Features Of LG 34UC98-W Monitor

  • Inclusion of Thunderbolt 2.0 that enables you to connect various compatible devices.
  • Use of Screen Split 2.0 with PIP mode.
  • The user can adjust both the tilt and height of the monitor while working.


  • According to the users, the internal speakers of the product are very good With Thunderbolt 2.0 technology, it becomes easy for the user to connect other compatible devices and move data between them at a fast speed.​
  • With USB 3.0 quick charge, it becomes possible for a user to charge any electronic device easily.​
  • With sRGB over 99%, the monitor covers a wide range of colours accurately.​


  • According to the users, the company leaves out many common issues under the monitor’s warranty. ​

Dell 43 Inch P4317Q Monitor

Dell 43 Inch P4317Q Monitor
Dimensions38.31 x 9.84 x 25.9 in
Weight54 lbs
PriceUnder 800

Described as the best 4k monitor for software development that is available in the market in its category, this enormous 43 inch monitor offers various premium features. For example, with side-by-side or quad-screen viewing, the viewer can open and organize different work areas while working. 

With screen coating, the good monitor for coding protects you from the glare of the screen.  Further, with 350 cd/m²Two Thunderbolt input/output ports, it is also possible for you to move data at a fast rate.  In addition, you can get accurate colours with a native resolution of 4K (3840 x 2160).

With this large monitor, it is not only possible to view multi-client content but also enjoy a simplified multi-screen set-up and view them without bezel breaks.

Main Features Of Dell 43 inch P4317Q Monitor

  • Inclusion of 350 cd Two Thunderbolt input and output ports.
  • Ultra large size with a resolution of 4K
  • Use of screen coating in order to get anti glare.
  • Quad viewing and side by side screening.
  • Easy cable management so as to get a more clutter free desk.
  • Consistent colours across wide viewing angles.


  • Comfortable viewing with a matte and monitor scalar screen​
  • The user can easily set up a multi-monitor setup.​
  • The user can easily organize work on different projects at the same with a quad-screen and split-screen.​
  • With an expansive 43” screen 4k monitor for software development, it becomes easy to view super-crisp graphs and text without any bezel breaks​


  • The product is expensive. ​
  • There is some problem with the design when watching the screen from a close view​
  • The audio quality of the monitor is under par, hence you need external speakers.​

Dell Computer Ultrasharp U2415

Dell Computer Ultrasharp U2415
Dimensions20.95 x 8.07 x 20.39 in
Weight14 lbs
PriceUnder 250

Considered as one of the best products for software development, the USP of this product is to offer premium features for an awesome viewing experience. For example, the monitor offers consistent colours for the duration of performance as it is tuned at 99% sRGB coverage. In addition, the product has multi-monitor or dual monitor support to get a virtually borderless viewing experience. 

It is also possible for you to connect an external portable HDD directly to the computer.

Main Features Of Dell Computer Ultrasharp U2415

  • As the monitor is tuned at 99 percent sRGB coverage, the customer gets consistent colours.
  • The product includes a large aspect ratio of 16:10.
  • The computer monitor offers a 1920 x 1200 resolution at 178 x 178 viewing angle for the benefit of the user.
  • The computer monitor has the capability of connecting external portable HDD’s.


  • Inexpensive when compared with similar products in the market​
  • It is the best vertical monitor for coding offers several USB ports​
  • The monitor offers consistent colours as it is tuned at 99% sRGB coverage​
  • The VESA 100 x100 mounting offered by the product is compatible with most of the monitor arms or stand


  • The monitor does not have the capability of daisy-chaining via Display port, hence syncing with Macbook Pro or Linus Box is an issue.​
  • The monitor has a single mini-DP connector, so you may face considerable problems while working.​
  • As the USB Port is at the back and face downwards, therefore are difficult to reach. In addition, they are located in a panel crowded with a series of switches, it is hard to recognize and operate them when required.​

LG 34WK650-W

LG 34WK650-W monitor
Dimensions32.5 x 8.1 x 22.5 inch
Weight18.6 lbs
PriceUnder 300

Considered as the best monitor setup for programming in this price range, the manufacturer offers various innovative features. For example, the monitor offers a 21:9 aspect ratio layout that enables the user to watch games and movies with an enhanced viewing experience. The user can also open multiple windows to do more work at the same time. 

The IPS technology that has been incorporated in this monitor enhances the quality of colour reproduction and viewing angles. To accomplish this purpose, the model offers AMD FreeSync technology, sRGB 99% Color Gamut and HDR 10 technology. Thus, some believe this is the best monitor for front end developer.

Main Features Of LG 34WK650-W Monitor


  • With sRGB 99% Color Gamut, it is easy to get consistent colours on the screen ​
  • When using a DisplayPort cable, the user gets a bump from 60hz to 75hz. ​
  • The bezels of the computer monitor are very thin. ​
  • The performance of this product becomes exceptional with the inclusion of AMD FreeSync and HDR10 technology.


  • According to some users, the quality of the built-in speaker leaves a lot to be desired as you may have to purchase them separately.​
  • Some users Reviews, the quality of the built-in speaker leaves a lot to be desired as you may have to purchase them separately.​
  • According to a few users, the computer monitor needs a number of display adjustments to work in an optimum manner. ​


ASUS PB287Q Monitor
Dimensions30 x 18 x 8.8 inch
Weight17.4 lbs
PriceUnder 350

Considered as the best screen for developers, this good monitor for coding offers 16:9 aspect ratio WLED display for an enhanced viewing experience from all viewing angles through next-generation 4K UHD visuals. This becomes possible as the product offers the resolution up to 3840 by 2160 in order to deliver next-generation 4K UHD.

The product also offers a pixel density of 157 pixels-per-inch (PPI), that is 8 million pixels at a minimum. In addition, the product has an impressive performance with 1ms GTG fast response time for ultra-smooth coding experience.

Main Features Of ASUS PB287Q Monitor

  • For next generation 4K UHD visuals, the product offers a 16:9 aspect ratio WLED display.
  • Take viewing experience to the next level with True 4K ultra high definition (4K UHD) monitor.
  • This 4k monitor for software development offers over 8 million pixels for getting detailed visuals.
  • For getting a flawless performance, the product offers 60Hz refresh rate and 1ms GTG fast response time.


  • Its the best screen for developers offers a 16:9 aspect ratio WLED display.​
  • The product offers 1ms GTG fast response time​
  • This product is also offers a 60 Hz refresh rate​
  • The product offers the resolution up to 3840 by 2160. 


  • According to some, the quality of the company’s customer service is not up to par.​
  • According to a few users, some monitors have minor backlight bleeding issues. ​

HP 23.8-inch Monitor 

HP 23.8-inch Monitor
Dimensions12.69 x 21.22 x 19.65 in
Weight15.9 lbs
PriceUnder 150

Considered as the best vertical monitor for coding, the monitor micro-edge IPS panel technology; with this, you not only get an ultra-wide viewing experience but also can seamlessly set-up multi-monitors. In addition, for getting vibrant image quality and crystal-clear visuals, the good monitor for coding includes 16:9 aspect ratio and resolution of 2 million pixels.

Further, this model includes 250 cd/m2 for enhancing the quality of brightness of the screen. The response time is 5ms and refreshes at a rate of 60 Hz. Importantly, the model supports older ports such as VGA, besides the modern HDMI and HDCP support.

With integrated speakers, you can get decent audio. Further, this model is eco-friendly with various features such as the low-voltage halogen design for energy efficiency. It integrates arsenic-free monitor glass and mercury-free LED backlighting as well.

Main Features Of HP 23.8 inch Monitor

  • Micro edge IPS panel technology.
  • 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • The resolution of this model is 2 million pixels.
  • Integrated speakers.
  • Response time is 5ms.
  • Offers support to VGA, HDMI, and HDCP for staying connected.


  • With the use of micro-edge IPs panel technology, you get an enhanced viewing experience​
  • The 4k monitor for software development has many environmental-friendly characteristics such as the promotion of energy efficiency with low-voltage halogen design, mercury-free LED backlighting, and arsenic-free monitor glass. ​
  • The monitor supports 100 mm standard VESA pattern mount​


  • According to some users, the quality of the audio is not so good.​
  • According to a few users, the customer service of the company is not up to the mark.​

BenQ PD3200U Monitor 

BenQ PD3200U Monitor
Dimensions19.3 x 8.4 x 29.15 inch
Weight27.56 lbs
PriceUnder 700

Considered as the best 4k monitor for coding, this 32″ monitor seeks to fulfil the requirement for ultra-high definition and large-sized viewing. In addition, the monitor has various innovative technologies such as BenQ advanced IPS technology with a 32″W 4K display that offers creative professionals more than 300% working space to work with Rec.709 colour spaces and 100% sRGB.

Moreover, this monitor offers different types of display settings such as darkroom, animation and CAD/CAM modes so as to assist creative professionals in intricate designing. Some other innovative features of this best 4k monitor for coding include an ergonomic design, Dual View and the KVM Switch function which enables you to increase work efficiency and save space by controlling the content from two different PC system on one screen.

Main Features Of BenQ PD3200U Monitor

  • Ergonomic design.
  • Display settings have three modes, CAD or CAM, Animation and Darkroom modes.
  • A 32 inch W 4K display that offers creative professionals more than 300 percent working space.


  • With KVM Switch function, it becomes easy for users to increase work efficiency by controlling content from 2 different PC system on one computer screen with just one set of mouse and keyboard. ​
  • With BenQ advanced IPS technology, the user can get a wide range of colours through 100% sRGB and Rec. 709 colour spaces.​


  • According to a few users, there are some quality control issues such as firmware and flickering image issues. ​
  • Expensive product when compared with similar models in the market​

Although best monitor for developers remain an important part of any computer set-up whether it is for any kind of work or entertainment such as gaming and movie, it is especially important for software developers when they are coding. Most experts recommend developers to use monitor screen sizes that range from 23 inches to 32 inches. However, the ideal size is 27”; the best 27 inch monitor for developers is feature-rich as well.

The manufacturers understand the need for ‘software developer’ optimized monitors. Hence, they offer a wide range of products with various innovative features that include integrated speakers, different aspect ratios of the screen, the resolution of the best screen for developers, and so on. Besides, some innovative technologies such as 99% sRGB coverage, AMD FreeSync technology and IPS technology are integrated.

The manufacturers have also enhanced the viewing experience of the user. They have also worked to increase the work efficiency of the software developer by giving various facilities such as offering various ports as well as increasing the connectivity of the monitor with other electronic devices to transfer the data at a fast rate. Finally, manufacturers have resolved the issue of workspace clutter with easy cable management of the monitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What monitor size is best for programming?​

When choosing the best monitor setup for programming, the two important characteristics are size and resolution.  When considered from this point of view, the best possible choice for a monitor for programming remains 27” as it is big enough for clearly viewing the text and the symbols especially, yet compact enough to fit comfortably, whatever the premise. 

Is curved monitor good for programming?​

Some features that are important while choosing the best possible monitor for software programming includes size, resolution, and the type of panel that would be used. As while programming, a software programmer needs to read coded text from line to line comfortably. Although it is often the matter of personal preference as some programmers prefer flat panels, a curved monitor is advantageous as programmers can get a 90-degree viewing experience.

What is the best resolution for a 27-inch monitor?​

Although a 27-inch monitor for software programming is available with various types of resolutions in the market, the best possible resolution for a 27-inch computer monitor is 2560 x 1440 pixels. As the size of the monitor goes up, the resolution should go up too, to maintain ‘pixel density’.

The higher the resolution, the more precise an image a user can get on the computer screen. As the size of the monitor goes up, the resolution should go up too, to maintain ‘pixel density’. Also, it becomes easy and clear for users to draw patterns or differentiate symbols.

What is a good contrast ratio for a computer monitor?​

The contrast ratio of a computer monitor can be defined as the measurement of the ratio between the brightest white and the darkest black a computer monitor can produce. Although the most common monitors that are being used throughout the world remains 100:1, the best possible contrast ratio for a computer monitor that is available in the market are above 1000:1.

Can any monitor work with any computer?​

Even though most monitors are compatible with any computer, the user needs to check some technical requirement while choosing the best vertical monitor for coding in the market.  Most importantly, modern set-ups have integrated graphic cards or dedicated graphic cards which only support HDMI connection with a monitor, However, some monitors still have DVI and VGA ports to accommodate older computers. For gamers, some monitors also enable the user to attach a cable box and games console.

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