ViewSonic ELITE XG270QG Monitor - best for poor eyesight

Display Size 27 Inches
Weight 17 Pounds
Resolution 1440p
Hardware USB, display port
Interface HDMI, USB 3.0
Price Under 600

Here we are with a monitor that will fulfil almost every demand in every way. No matter if you are a Gamer, coder, or just want a PC for your office camera surveillance, I bet you that this product will not disappoint you.

The refresh rate display and technology used in the making of this product are unbelievable. So, if you want to gift your son/daughter then this is the perfect item for them.

Main Features of ViewSonic ELITE Monitor

  • It comes with IPS nano color technology which will bring more life and excitement to your gaming experience.
  • Additionally, it also has 98% DCI-P3 color coverage and 10-bit color depth which will give you more realistic picture quality.
  • This monitor has ultra-low motion blur which will provide you uninterrupted gaming hours plus synchronization of frame rates.
  • It has an incredible 1440p display resolution with an amazing 165Hz refresh rate which is more than enough for any user.
  • This monitor comes with a headphone Jack which is a mind-blowing feature of this product.
  • It has an elite level of design which will attract every guest in your house.
  • There is an in-built mouse bungee which is a feature that only this monitor has

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  • This product is the best at such a great price rate and provides a headphone jack too.
  • It has an ambient light effect, Elite design, plus also has a side shield to protect against damage.
  • This product has a lesser refresh rate but it is enough though.
  • It weighs a little more than the usual monitor and is a little bit thick.

Philips 346B1C - best ultrawide eye care monitor

Display Size 34 Inches
Dimension 9.8 X 23.7 X 31.8 Inches
Weight 34.7 Pounds
Resolution QHD Ultra Wide 1440p
Hardware USB Type C
Price under 500

Well, we all know that Philips is one of the best international brand manufacturing desktop and television. This monitor available here is one of the best seller of all time and it has curved display. Colour contrast, brightness, light and all other features are as amazing as the price we offer. So, if you are looking for the multi-tasking monitor that can do every job, then this item is for you.

Main Features of Philips 346B1C UltraWide 34 Inch

  • It is an awesome monitor with 34 inches and also it is curved (1500R) frameless LED desktop.
  • This ultra wide QHD monitor has 3400 X 1440 resolution with an amazing colour display along with a VA panel.
  • It comes with USB-C type which is widely supported and most used interface and additionally it is compatible with mobile phones.
  • It has an in-built KVM switch which can take multiple USB inputs and its display uses PIB/PBP modes for multiple inputs.
  • It has the best speaker which in an empty room can make you feel like you are sitting in a theatre.
  • If you live in the United States, then you get additional 4 years of replacement Warranty, but we assure you that you don't have to worry about this product for long time.
  • It comes with great graphics and 100Hz of refresh rate so it will definitely work smoothly

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  • It is the cheapest curved monitor you will ever find on internet and of famous brand.
  • Its graphics can meet an incredible gaming experience plus its curved colour make it look more attractive.
  • 4 years warranty is only eligible if and only if you live in the USA

Asus MZ27AQ Monitor - Best for long working hours

Dimensions 4.2 x 8.9 x 17 in'
Weight 9.5 lbs
Color Black
Price Under 300

Continuing the visual elegance of the ASUS design line, the ultra-slim, stunning 27" IPS display offers uncompromising attention to detail and exquisite metal craftsmanship to harmonize with your office and home decor.

 The 5W subwoofer and stereo 6W speakers integrated into this product provide a fully immersive audio experience with added 2.1 Channel audio. The glare screens for computer monitors is right at home in any living space as it offers a space-saving ultra-slim design and an exquisite edge-to-edge frameless panel. 

 Not only that, but it also features simplistic classic lines, if award-winning design, an icicle Gold Finish and a sturdy sundial-inspired base stand. 

Main Features of Asus MZ27AQ Monitor

  • TUV Rhineland-certified flicker-freebacklighting, and a blue light filter which combines with ASUS Eye Care technology  to reduce monitor eye strain.
  • Provides complete multi-media connectivity with Dual HDMI 1.4 inputs and DisplayPort 1.2.For a fully immersive audio experience with Stereo 6W speakers and 5W subwoofer for 2.1 Channel Audio.
  • The ultra-slim frameless design of the monitor and sundial-inspired base with a metallic, icicle gold finish

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  • According to the users, the internal speakers of the product are very good.
  • The monitor does not take much space.
  • The ASUS Eye Care technology incorporates an anti-glare computer screen to provide complete protection for your eyes.
  • Its frameless design fits in seamlessly with the décor of the room.
  • According to some users, there are no instructions for setting up the monitor.
  • The manufacturer does not provide instructions on the website. Thus, it is difficult for the user to understand different kinds of setups and is forced to experiment for getting the optimum experience.
  • The monitor does not have VESA mount capability.

Asus VP28UQG Monitor - ASUS Eye Care Monitor

Dimensions 26 x 2.5 x 15 inches
Weight 10.1 lbs
Color Black
Price Under 350

Considered as the best possible model for gamers, this product uses not only boasts 1ms response time and adaptive sync for silky smooth visuals but also reduces eye strain with the combination of Asus-exclusive Eye Care technology, screen glare filter as well as various levels of blue light filters and flicker-free backlighting.

In addition to that, the user can also select color temperature from 4 available modes.  For a comfortable gaming experience, the flicker-free technology reduces flicker and minimizes the instances of eyestrain that happens during a marathon gaming session. 

Besides, this product offers smooth 4K UHD content playback, through a 60Hz refresh rate and native 4K UHD support via DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI(v 2.0).

Main Features of Asus VP28UQG Monitor

  • With the use of ASUS Eye Care technology, it is possible to eliminate flickering and lower blue light and reduce eyestrain.
  • With Adaptive-Sync/FreeSync supported graphics source, it is possible to adjust display refresh rate based on the content frame.
  • For crisp visuals, the anti glare computer screen offers 1ms response time and dual HDMI connectivity

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  • With innovative ASUS Eye Care technology, you can avoid the chances of eye strains and other related ailments.
  • With 5-Way OSD joystick, the user can enjoy marathon gaming session with innovative features such as ASUS GamePlus on-the-fly
  • For stunning and crystal-clear visuals, the screen glare filter offers 1ms response time, dual HDMI connectivity, and DisplayPort
  • When compared to similar products in the market, the best computer screen for eyes is expensive for most users
  • This computer monitor is specifically targeted towards gamers, hence it might be pricey for non-gamers, as most features will not be utilized by non-gamers.

ViewSonic VP2468 Monitor - anti blue light monitors

Dimensions 1.9 x 21.2 x 12.2 in
Weight 7 lbs
Colour Black
Price Under 250

Keeping in the tradition with ViewSonic monitors, this product offers unmatched color accuracy required for professional applications. Further, with the world's thinnest bezels and an Edge-to-Edge super clear IPS panel, you can get a frameless and sleek viewing experience ideal for multi-monitor setups required for professional organizations.

For this purpose, the anti glare computer screen offers a single-cable daisy-chaining of multiple monitors, HDMI Ports as well as a future-proof DisplayPort technology. The manufacturer also offers various features such as tilt, pivot, swivel, and height adjust features as part of advanced ergonomics.

The product has an integrated color uniformity function for enhancing the visual experience of the user. In addition to that, they offer hardware calibration facility kit.

Main Features of ViewSonic VP2468 Monitor

  • Best computer screen protector for professionals such as photographers, graphic designers and video editors with full HD (1920x1080p) 60Hz Super clear IPS monitor.
  • This model supports laptops, PCs, and Apple/Mac operating systems with Mini DisplayPort inputs, DisplayPort (Daisy chain enabled), and HDMI 1.4

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  • A lightweight monitor with built-in USB hubs.
  • The product also offers various connection ports for all kinds of cables for daisy-chaining.
  • Borderless edges offer a seamless side-by-side viewing experience
  • An integrated color uniformity function allows consistent chromaticity across the screen and enhances the viewing experience.
  • According to some users, there’s a lack of uniformity in color even with calibration from the factory
  • The USB hub is at the bottom, although it is easy to access, but becomes difficult when working in a side-by-side configuration
  • According to some owners of the screen glare filter, there’s some vignetting around the edges.
  • The control buttons are located behind the onscreen display selector.

BenQ GW2480 Monitor - benq eye care monitor

Dimensions 16.54 x 6.9 x 21.26 inches
Weight 8.4 pounds
Color Black
Price 150

Described as a frameless monitor that combines hidden cable management with ultra-slim bezels, the best computer screen for eyes has been designed for beauty and simplicity.

 For the benefit of computer user, the product complements various technologies such as low blue light technology and flicker-free performance with BenQ exclusive Eye-Care Technology; to deliver extended viewing comfort with industry-leading technology which adjusts to ambient lighting environment seamlessly.

Further, with this product, the manufacturers have offered an ideal combination of IPS and LED technologies that enable you to enjoy a new level of viewing with deeper blacks with computer eyewear, truly authentic colors, sharper details, as well as higher refresh rates. 

Main Features of BenQ GW2480 Monitor

  • The innovative cable management system hides cables inside the monitor stand.
  • With the combination of BenQ’s exclusive Eye-Care technology and low blue light technology, the manufacturer provides maximum eye protector for PC.
  • This product also seeks to relieve eye-strain through self-adjusting brightness through BenQ’s patented Brightness Intelligence Technology

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  • You get Ultra-slim monitor with an IPS panel and 1080p resolution that is great for viewing any content with total eye protection for computer.
  • Harmonizes with home or office decor.
  • The eye protector for PC also uses BenQ’s patented Brightness Intelligence technology for relieving eye strain.
  • This product is not as bright as a traditional monitor.
  • According to a few users, the speakers are very quiet and they had to purchase new speakers
  • According to some users, the IPS best computer screen for eyes bleeds light out of the corners.
  • With a slim design, cleaning becomes a problem as there is a lot of potential of dust gathering under the screen.

ViewSonic VX2476 SMHD - Best LED for eye strain

Dimensions 8.2 x 21.3 x 16.3 in
Weight 6.55 lbs
Colour Black
Price Under 150

Continuing the tradition of ViewSonic products, the manufacturers have offered an innovative product that offers not only style but also a substance with latest technologies such as SuperClear IPS panel technology, incredible screen performance, and wide viewing angles for incredible and vibrant gaming and entertainment.

The anti-glare screen has a unique desktop stand, ultra-slim profile, and a sleek edge-to-edge frameless screen. In addition to that, the anti-glare monitor seeks to deliver an unforgettable experience so that eye protection glasses for computer users is not required.

It’s ideal for multimedia applications and home entertainment, it also contains versatile HDMI, VGA inputs, and DisplayPort. Further, this best computer screen for eyes makes a fashion statement as part of room décor with its modern, flush-mount frameless bezel design. Also, the model provides a fantastic viewing experience with dual speakers and a gorgeous 1920x1080 HD resolution. 

Main Features of ViewSonic VX2476 Monitor

  • With the use of SuperClear IPS Panel, the product offers a stunning view from every angle.
  • The ultra-slim frameless design, premium IPS panel, and a Full HD (1920x1080p) resolution, the eye protector for pc offers a modern as well as sophisticated looks that extends the theme of your room’s decor.
  • With Blue Light Filter and Flicker-free technology, the model offers an enhanced viewing experience

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  • The ultra-slim frameless design provides a modern and sophisticated look and harmonizes with one’s room decor.
  • The use of innovative technologies such as Blue Light Filter and Flicker-free technology provides an enhanced viewing experience.
  • The use of SuperClear IPS panel enables an enhanced viewing experience with a stunning view and reduces monitor eye strain.
  • According to some owners, the instruction manual does not provide adequate information for the installation of the screen, the computer screen protector, and its use.
  • The icons printed on the lower right portion of the display screen as very small in size and as per some owners, they are very difficult to use.

BenQ GW2280 - best low vision computer monitors

Dimension 7.3 x 20.1 x 15.6 inches
Weight 7.7 lbs
Color Black
Price Under 100

Considered by the manufacturer one of its kind, the main focus of this product is to bring the ultimate personal visual entertainment. The USP of this product is the speakers, ultra-high 3000:1 native contrast, 20M:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and true 8-bit panel performance. The product also has a VA LED to refresh the view with fantastic colors and details.

Further, with its HDMI connectivity, you can enjoy an enhanced level of multimedia content. With faster response times, improved resolution, and quicker refresh rates, this monitor is ideal not only for work but also for gaming and watching movies.

The manufacturer has incorporated industry-leading Eye-Care technology to ensure user comfort during long hours of use. With a slim bezel best computer screen for eyes, the manufacturer has also excelled in the design aspect. 

Main Features of BenQ GW2280 Monitor

  • Specifically targeted for office and home users, it features 1920 x 1080 resolution and 250 nits of brightness.
  • With a wide viewing angle IPS panel, it is easy to view the anti-glare computer screen from any angle.
  • With edge to edge slim bezel design, the manufacturer seeks to minimize distractions as well as create virtually seamless multi-panel configurations for maximum visibility

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  • A lightweight product, hence the user can transport and install it easily
  • The monitor offers decent brightness levels and reduces monitor eye strain
  • According to most users, this model offers easy choices to lessen blue light and turn on reading modes.
  • The bezels are small and do not distract while working
  • With BenQ’s patented Brightness Intelligence Technology, the anti-glare computer screen self-adjusts the brightness and relieves eye strain.
  • According to some users, the quality of speakers is not great
  • According to a few owners, it is somewhat difficult to adjust brightness of this best computer screen for eyes with menu navigation.