Best Monitor For RTX 2080

Top Picks of the Best Monitor For RTX 2080

  • ASUS 200 HZ Gaming Monitor:This product stands first on the list of our gaming monitor because of its amazing features, which will interest you for sure. You can buy this product for anyone interested in gaming or even for yourself, as it is the fastest product you will find & also it is the most expensive product on the list.

  • LG Ultra-Gear Curved Gaming Monitor:This one here is a product of one of the famous brands LG, and it is available at a reasonable price, and you will find almost every feature that is available in the most expensive one. So, you can purchase it if you want a reliable product for yourself.

  • Acer Predator Curved FHD Gaming Monitor:Here is our budget-friendly product, which has secured its place in the top picks while having some other monitor on the list because of its amazing functionality. This product will surely satisfy the needs of any beginner or professional gamer.

1. Asus Gaming Monitor FHD

ASUS ROG Strix XG258Q monitor
Display size24 inch
Display technologyLCD
ResolutionFull HD 1080p
Aspect Ratio969
Refresh Rate240 Hz
Weight12 Pounds
Dimensions22.2 X 10 X 15 inches
PriceUnder 2110

If you are a gamer and confused about which monitor to purchase, then today, we clear your confusion as we are here with one of the amazing gaming monitors you might like for sure.

Main Features Of Asus Gaming Monitor

  • This monitor is G-sync compatible along with adaptive sync to provide you smooth & tear-free gaming experience.
  • It comes with two types of display input: HDMI 2.0 and HDMI 1.4 so that you can use whichever you like.
  • This monitor also has a super narrow bezel, allowing you to make it an ideal monitor for multiple screen setup.


  • It is one of the fastest monitors for gaming purposes as it comes with a fast response time and refreshes rate of 240 Hz.
  • This monitor comes with TUV Rhinlend certified blue light protection technology which comes in handy during nighttime.
  • This product can be tilt, swivel, and give you the benefit of height adjustment so that you can play while sitting in a comfortable position.


  • This product only has a resolution of up to 1080p and uses old display technology LCD.
  • It is a quite expensive monitor and has a very small display size of 24-inch.

2. AlienWare Curved Gaming Moniitor WQHD

AlienWare Curved Gaming Moniitor WQHD
Display size34.1 inch
Display technologyLCD
ResolutionQHD Ultra Wide 1440p
Aspect Ratio1269
Refresh Rate120 Hz
Weight26.14 Pounds
Dimension32.03 X 12.56 X 22.08 inches
PriceUnder 1000

If you are a professional gamer, you should go with a gaming monitor to enhance your gaming skills and take it to the next level. So, here we are with one of the best seller gaming monitors available in the market that you can go ahead and buy.

Main Features Of AlienWare Curved Monitor

  • This monitor comes with an RGB lighting system that can sync the monitor, keyboard, and mouse with different lighting effects.
  • It comes with a display resolution of up to QHD 1440p, which will provide a realistic effect in video quality.
  • It comes with an on-screen display that will avail you of 6 different gaming modes.


  • This monitor has a curved display with a radius of 1900 along with an aspect ratio of 21:9 to provide you with amazing gameplay.
  • It comes with a swivel hinge support stand which can be adjusted according to your comfort in seating.
  • It usually works with 100 Hz refresh and can go up to 120 Hz and a 4ms response time which is rare.


  • It comes with QHD ultra-wide display resolution but has an LCD screen which cannot provide expected results.
  • This product is manufactured by a local company which is not quite famous worldwide.

3. Acer predator Curved FHD Gaming Monitor

Acer Predator Z35 35-inch Curved monitor
Display size35 inch
Display technologyLED
ResolutionFull HD ultra wide 1080p
Aspect Ratio1269
Refresh Rate144 Hz
Weight25.9 Pounds
Dimensions33.2 X 11.8 X 21.8 inches
PriceUnder 600

Acer is one of the famous Chinese brands that has been manufacturing computer and laptop devices, and they are available everywhere in the world. Also, this product is available at a very affordable price, so it is a win-win deal.

Main Features Of Acer Predator Curved Monitor

  • This product can increase the refresh rate up to 200 Hz from 60 Hz, and you can see the difference in picture quality and your gameplay.
  • This monitor provides you with four USB 3.0 ports for connecting pen drives and hard drives with a monitor.
  • This monitor is rated with energy star and RoHS, which provides surety for environmental safety.


  • This product is budget-friendly and provides a curved display with a resolution of full HD in LED technology.
  • This monitor comes with two speakers of 9 watts and has an HDMI port u0026 display port for input.
  • It comes with an ultra-wide curved display of 1800 radius, which will focus your eyes on the display throughout.


  • This product does not come with a 3D feature and cannot mount on a wall.

4. LG Ultra-Gear Curved Gaming Monitor

LG Ultra-Gear Curved Gaming Monitor
Display size38 inch
Display technologyLCD
ResolutionQHD Ultra Wide 1440p
Aspect Ratio1269
Refresh Rate144 Hz
Weight22.1 Pounds
Dimension35.3 X 11.3 X 17.4 inches
PriceUnder 1800

You might be well aware of LG manufacturing mastery in terms of electronic devices, namely TV, computers, refrigerators, laptops, etc. So, if you are looking for a gaming monitor to enhance your gaming experience, then purchasing this product would be a wise choice for you.

Main Features Of LG Ultra-Gear Curved Monitor

  • This monitor has HDR 400, which gives you the best color contrast, and it adjusts bright and dark colors very nicely.
  • It comes with advanced display synchronize technology known as G-sync that syncs refresh rate with gaming processor.
  • This monitor has a 38-inch curved display which will provide you with a curved view of the game with an appropriate radius.


  • This monitor comes with sphere lightning 2.0 that creates a gaming environment by syncing sound and video to give you a realistic feel.
  • It comes with an ultra-thin 3-sided bezel making it easy for you to jump into any game very easily and quickly.


  • This product provides old-fashioned LCD technology instead of LED.
  • It does not come with an in-built graphics card which is required in a gaming PC.

5. ASUS 200 HZ Gaming Monitor

ASUS 200 HZ Gaming Monitor
Display size35 inch
Display technologyLCD
ResolutionQHD ultra wide 1440p
Aspect Ratio1269
Refresh Rate200 Hz
Weight0.48 ounces
Dimensions32.8 X 17.68 X 12.05 inches
PriceUnder 2750

So, here we are with one of the perfect gaming monitors, which are very smooth and fast in terms of both gaming and video playing. So, if you are looking for a gift for your son or brother who is a gamer, then this product might cheer them up.

Main Features Of ASUS 200 HZ Gaming Monitor

  • Its quantum dot technology provides colors like cinema with DCI p3 with a smoother experience.
  • The monitor’s aspect ratio is about 21:9, and it has the fastest 2ms response time along with a refresh rate of 200 Hz.
  • This product has eye protection technology that reduces blue light, and its stand is adjustable in height.



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