How to Change Screen Timeout on Mac

Setting a password on your Mac and then entering it again and again because your screen timeout is too fast is such an annoying thing. But the good thing is that you can always change the screen timeout on your Mac. 

In this article, we will share the steps that you can follow to change the Screen timeout on your Mac. Another good thing is that you have to follow a few significant steps to change the screen timeout, and it is quickly done. 

But before jumping onto those steps, let’s take a look at why does the screen timeout on your Mac? Knowing the solution without the problem is nothing. 

The reason for Screen Timeout on Mac 

The Screen timeout happens on your Mac to save the battery. The Screen timeout, also known as sleep mode, is majorly designed to save the device’s battery, and it is also available in mobile phones and televisions. 

So whenever you have to use the Mac after the screen timeout, you will be asked to enter your password again. This can be highly annoying and frustrating when you rush and have to do some urgent work. 

But as we discussed, you can decide the time off the screen timeout on your Mac, so let’s take a look at the steps you need to follow to change the Screen timeout. The actions that we will mention to change the Screen timeout are the same for all the versions of Mac. 

Steps to Change the Screen Timeout on Mac 

Step 1: Go to the System Preferences 

In the first step to change the screen timeout on Mac, you have to go to the Apple menu bar, from where you have to go into the system preferences. All the essential functions and features are available on the system preferences. 

Step 2: Security and Privacy Option

In the system preferences, you will find the option of security and privacy. When you click on this option, you will be prompted to enter a password. Since this option is highly private, you must always keep it encrypted with the password. 

Step 3: Enter the Password 

So when you open the security and privacy option “PadLock”  icon will appear on the screen. In the path lock icon, you will have to enter the admin password. If you have not decided on the password on your own, you can enter the default password that must be written in the manual off your Mac. 

Step 4: Change the Screen Timeout 

When you enter the admin password, the new page will appear on the screen related to the Screen timeout. On the page, you can select the time which is suitable for you as a Screen timeout.

Under screen timeout, you will find two options: computer sleep and display sleep; you can adjust the slider of both options to adjust the Screen timeout accordingly. 

Things to Keep in Mind While Changing Screen Timeout 

It would be best if you kept in mind certain things while changing the screen timeout on your mat, and these things will help you change the timeout period in a better way. 

 Remember to never select the Screen timeout because it is annoying for you to enter the password again and again because screen timeouts help save the battery. 

So you can change the Screen timeout so that it creates a balance between both things. Another thing that you must know is that setting screen timeout for a long time is also bad for the Mac because it will affect the battery life in the long run. 

Summing it Up 

Above in this article, we discussed the steps that you can follow to change the screen timeout on Mac so you can avoid entering the password again and again whenever your laptop goes into sleep mode. 

Also, keep the essential things that we have mentioned in mind because even though Screen timeout can be extremely frustrating, they are for the greater good of our electronic devices. 

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