How to Clean a Matte Monitor

While using any product, even a computer monitor, cleaning remains one of the significant chores in the maintenance process. A clean monitor not only increases your productivity but also reduces eye strain. Thus, cleaning the monitor before it starts acquiring layers of dust is imperative for you. However, you always need to turn off the monitor before starting the cleaning process.

Items You Need to Clean a Matte Monitor

In the maintenance process, cleaning the monitor at regular intervals is a routine process for users. However, while cleaning, many people believe that cleaning the matte screen is entirely different from cleaning the standard screen, but it is not the case.

It is because cleaning the matte screen is simple and easy like a conventional screen. According to experts, the best way to clean a standard screen is to use distilled water and microfibre cloth.

The same experts validate the use of these items for cleaning a matte screen. However, the cleaning process differs on the level of dirt and filth that has been collected on the matte screen, and it is known as a simple and deep cleaning process.

Processes Used To Clean A Matte Monitor

While cleaning the matte monitor, you need to use two different cleaning processes based on the level of the dirt on the monitor. These cleaning processes include superficial and in-depth cleaning processes. You need to use a superficial cleaning process when there is light dirt on the screen.

However, you need to use an in-depth cleaning process when the monitor is very filthy and has not been cleaned for a long interval. However, please note that we use distilled water and a microfiber cloth for both the cleaning processes. These are some steps you need to follow when cleaning light dirt on the monitor screen.

How To Clean A Matte Monitor?

# 1. Clean Light Dirt with Cloth and Water

When there is light dirt on the matte screen, the first step would be to collect the two items: a microfibre cloth and some distilled water.

# 2. Brush Screen with Slightly Wet Microfibre Cloth

All you need to do is use the microfibre cloth and brush the dirt on the screen delicately with a long sweep.

However, if the monitor is filthy, you need to follow another process, and it is as follows.

#1. Blow-Off the Excess Dirt

Blow off as much dirt as you can with your breath. It is a critical step as it removes superficial dirt. Also, start deep cleaning only if the dirt is still there.

#2. Start Deep Cleaning with a Wet Cloth

You need to wet one corner of the cloth in distilled water and brush it gently over the dirt and leave it to dry. After you blow off the surplus dirt, you can sweep the rest of the dirt by sweeping it through a piece of microfibre cloth delicately. The delicate touch is necessary as you would not like to damage the delicate screen.

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Why Should You Use a Microfiber Cloth for Cleaning?

According to experts, a microfiber cloth is the best choice for cleaning as the capacity of this type of cloth to lift and hold grease, dirt, liquid, bacteria, and grime is more when compared to a piece of normal cloth.

A combination of nylon and polyester fiber, the microfiber cloth attracts and pulls up anything on the surface while cleaning. One of the best alternatives to a microfiber cloth is towels. Many companies sell microfiber cloths for cleaning monitor screens and camera lenses.


Cleaning is an essential part of the maintenance process of your electronic device. However, cleaning a matte monitor screen is a somewhat difficult process due to the uneven quality of the screen. Although this article offers information about cleaning matte monitors, you can use the same process to clean matte screens of various other electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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