How to Clean Monitor Screen without Streaks

All of us have a PC or a laptop at home. One of the annoying aspects of maintaining a laptop or PC is cleaning the monitor screen without streaks. The primary reason for streaks on the monitor screen is using improper cleaning methods.  The article guides you on the best ways of cleaning your monitor screen, which leaves no marks.

Cleaning Products – Which Ones to Use

Cleaning remains an important part of maintaining an electronic product such as a computer monitor. But often, during this cleaning process, you use any random cleaning item that is available at your home. However, as per experts, this is very dangerous as a computer monitor is a delicate product. For example, while cleaning, you cannot use any chemical as it may wear out coatings on the screen.

According to experts, you also need to avoid rags, paper towels, old T-shirts, and other similar materials for cleaning monitors as they may damage the delicate screen. Many companies offer cleaning products, especially for cleaning monitors. However, you can also use distilled water for cleaning the screen, and for stubborn grime, you can mix some white vinegar in water and apply it to the screen.

Why Clean Your Computer Screen at Regular Intervals?

As almost everyone works and stores important information and data on the computer, it is valuable. Cleaning computer hardware, including the monitor screen, is necessary as dust and dirt may clog the screen. Besides, it may affect your productivity or cause overheating and damage to the LEDs in the panel. Finally, a monitor without streaks means a crystal-clear display.

Some Tips Related to the Cleaning Process

  • The first step is to turn off the monitor. There are various reasons why it is essential to do it before starting the cleaning process. By turning off the monitor, you can see the dirt and smudges on the screen. It is also safer than cleaning it since while it is on, it may damage the screen.
  • While cleaning the screen, you should not use tap water as it may contain minerals and other chemicals, damaging the monitor screen. This is also why you should not use any fluid or chemicals except those sold specifically for cleaning monitor screens.
  • As the screen is very delicate, you need to handle the cleaning operation very carefully.

How To Clean Monitor Screen Without Streaks

# 1 Preparation for Cleaning the Monitor

The easiest and safest method is gathering a piece of the microfibre cloth and distilled water in a bowl. The first step would be to turn the monitor off.

#2 Begin the Process by Wiping the Screen

You need to wipe the screen gently with the microfibre cloth in a long swipe.

#3 Wipe with a Wet Cloth

You need to check the status of the screen. If the screen still displays concentrated dust or a mound of dirt, you need to wet the one corner of the microfibre cloth in distilled water located in the bowl.

#4 Clean the Deep-Seated Dirt on The Screen

You need to clean the concentrated dust on the screen. Now, your monitor is clean, and you can start working.


Over time, your monitor collects debris, dust, and germs. In addition to that, you can experience eye strain due to a messy monitor. Hence, cleaning a monitor in regular intervals is necessary not only for the longevity of your monitor but also for reducing eye strain and getting quality visuals as your monitor is supposed to display.

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