Here are Some Useful 6 Steps

After a regular interval, cleaning the computer screen is necessary to retain its original beauty and prevent any damage caused due to dirt and smudges. Cleaning is easy through the effective method described below and certain precautions should be taken lest you damage the screen unknowingly.

First you should turn off the computer and unplug it, to prevent any untoward accident caused due to electrocution. Turning the computer off has another advantage; you would better see the dirt and grime that has settled on the screen. Then wipe the dirt off with a dry cloth in a slow and circular motion.

Care must be taken that you do not apply too much pressure while wiping the screen Otherwise, it could damage the screen's delicate makeup. While choosing the cloth for wiping, you should use lint-free, non-abrasive fiber. A large cloth should be chosen because it would lessen the chance of leaving streaks across the screen produced from finger pressure.

Some of the ideal non-abrasive cloths to be chosen are Microfiber, Cotton T-shirt, Cotton Tea towel or cotton handkerchief. Avoid using materials which are abrasive in nature such as paper towels, dish towel or facial tissue.

Next step is to spray a cleaning solution to the cloth and wipe the monitor gently in a circular motion. Never spray the solution directly on to the screen which can cause drips and lead to malfunctions and eventually permanent damage it on the long run. You should apply a small amount of solution to the cloth as excess amount means excess moisture, which will damage the screen if done repetitively over a long time.

Clean the smudges and grime in a slow circular motion and do not scrape at any smudges, but allow the solution to dissolve them. For the tough spots you can apply the same process over several times until the grime is removed.

The excess moisture has to be completely wiped off after you have finished cleaning. Lastly a few words on what kind of solutions you should use for cleaning. Do not use tap water while making the solution which contains minerals and can damage the internal components. Use distilled water and add a cleaning agent like isopropyl alcohol and white vinegar.


The cleaning should be done at regular intervals because if the grime and smudges are left as it is for a long period of time, it would be tough to remove the stains afterwards. Through the abovementioned easy steps, your computer screen would remain clean for a long period of time.