How To Connect PS4 To PC Monitor With HDMI

As more and more people have started working from home, they find more time for playing PS4. However, very few people are willing to purchase an extra monitor or TV for this purpose. The best choice here is to find a way to connect PS4 to the existing PC monitor. So, how to connect PS4 to PC Monitor with HDMI? The following article will guide you on how to accomplish this.

Requisites for Connecting PS4 To a PC Monitor with HDMI

When you seek to connect PS4 to your PC Monitor with HDMI, you need to get some devices for this purpose. For example, you need your PS4, a video capture card, PC, HDMI with dual-functioning features, the video capture card software, and an internet connection. The connection can include ethernet or WiFi. In addition, you also need to enable the file sharing option, both on PC and other devices.

Some Steps for Connecting PS4 To a PC Monitor with HDMI

The first step for connecting PS4 to PC Monitor with HDMI is checking all connections and enabling the file sharing option. For this purpose, you need to access the PS4 menu and click on settings.

 After that, you need to access Open Internet connection settings. Find the internet connection and ensure that the device is connected to the internet. You need to connect ethernet cables if you do not have a wireless connection. For that purpose, you need to configure PC and PS4 on the same router. After completion of the goal, it is possible to stream between these two devices.

The second step would be to install the software on the PC. You need to connect the Video Capture Card to the PC through the USB port for that purpose. You can also use an S-Video connection.

The next step would be to install the driver software on the PC available with the Video Card. After configuring the Video Capture Card, you need to connect it with PS4 through an HDMI cable. For that purpose, you need to connect one end of the cable with the In-port of the video capture card. The next step would be to connect the other end of the cable with the HDMI-out port of the PS4.

Running the Software

After completing these steps, you need to check all the connections to ensure they are connected correctly. After that, you need to check that the installation of the software has been completed successfully.

Then, you need to power up your PS4 and PC. It would help if you started the application software on the PC; it will automatically detect the PS4 and display it on the screen. You also need to ensure that the software is displaying in full-screen mode. In this way, you can connect PS4 to PC Monitor with HDMI.


We all know how powerful and graphics-intensive the latest PS4 games are. Hence, using a good display is important. Since a PC monitor generally has a sharper image quality, a better response time, and a better refresh rate than a large screen TV, selecting your PC monitor is often the best choice. Using the following steps,  you can connect your PS4 to your PC monitor with an HDMI cable and start playing hassle-free.

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