LG 49wl95c-w vs Dell u4919dw

In this LG 49wl95c-w vs. Dell u4919dw review, we will compare two high-end monitors of LG and Dell respectively for finding the right one. Every feature of these premium monitors would be discussed in detail here to clarify if you are considering purchasing any of these monitors for yourself.

LG 49WL95C-W 49-Inch Curved Ultrawide Monitor

LG 49wl95c-w  monitor
Display49 inches
Resolution5K UHD Ultra Wide 2160p
Display TechnologyLED
Weight33.50 lbs
Dimensions47.8 x 12.1 x 21.4 inches
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Priceunder 2000

If you are looking forward to multitasking with your new monitor, this is the perfect monitor. Your productivity and efficiency would be enhanced with the help of this curved ultrawide monitor. Get an excellent experience of working and viewing on this ultrawide curved monitor.

Main Features of the LG 49WL95C-W 49-Inch Curved Ultrawide Monitor

Space Available for Enhanced Productivity

The 49WL95C is an UltraWide 32:9 Dual QHD (5120×1440) screen with a multiplied 27-inch 16:9 QHD pixel space in one screen. With 70% more pixels contrasted with the 32:9 FHD goal (3840×1080), you can go past performing various tasks with a multi-design multiplex.

Time Saving Feature

The image thumbnails could be viewed directly on a single screen without any intervention from your side. You won’t have to change your current window to view the image thumbnails and view the visual content.

Manage the Entire Timeline

You won’t have to switch between different windows for handling motion content because of the ultrawide screen. The thumbnails of the files will be visible on the screen if you arrange the entire timeline properly.

Simultaneous Working

You can manage your timeline and arrange the work without scrolling or switching between the windows. All the work could be handled simultaneously with ease.

Workspace Expansion

You can expand your workspace by stacking up two of these monitors vertically. They would enhance your productivity and work similarly to four 27-inch QHD monitors. On one side, you can view the charts and perform the work on the other side.

Easily Handle Connections

With the help of the dual controller, you can control multiple devices that have been connected with your single monitor. You can also handle the onscreen controls with ease due to the versatile display settings using a single mouse click. The USB Type-C could be used to complete your entire workstation.

Ambient Light Sensor

Sometimes, the sunlight disturbs your work by making a certain portion of the monitor bright and the other part dark. You won’t face glare issues because the ambient light sensor would brighten the portion and make the screen darker in the dark areas for you to work optimally.

Ergonomic Design

You can customize your desk set up with the help of the height, swivel, and tilt adjustment stand. You can arrange the workstation as per your requirements and in an agreeable manner that you wish to work in.

Rich Bass Sound

If you are using this ultrawide monitor in a small editing room or a private one, the built-in speakers would be enough to handle the sound. The rich bass sound stereo speakers come in very handy during such situations.

HDR Compatibility

The colors would be seen coming alive because of the HDR 10 compatibility. The HDR compatibility is applied to several contents for you to enjoy the dramatic colors of every content in the way they have been developed to see.


  • Ambient light sensor
  • Rich bass sound
  • HDR 10 compatibility
  • Easy and ergonomic design
  • Enough space for enhanced productivity
  • 5K UHD resolution with sRGB 99% color gamut


  • No freesync or g-sync capabilities
  • Issues while connecting to MacBook Pro
  • 60 Hz refresh rate is pretty low

DELL U4919DW 49 Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor

DELL U4919DW 49 Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor
Display49 inches
Resolution5120 x 1440 pixels
Display TechnologyLED
Weight37.92 lbs
Dimensions47.84 x 9.94 x 18.6 inches
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Priceunder 1500

A progressive 49-inch double QHD curved screen with ultra-wide perspectives, performing various tasks highlights and consistent network for a vivid work insight.

Stay coordinated and on an errand with Easy Arrange, one of the numerous choices included with your Dell Display Manager programming. Rapidly tile and view applications one next to the other, so they’re in every case right where you need them. Besides, the Auto-restore highlights reposition your applications’ format even in the wake of disengaging from the screen.

Main Features of DELL U4919DW 49 Inch Monitor

Next-level productivity

Boost your exhibition with the initial 49-inch double QHD monitor. The broad screen with In-Plane Switching innovation is identical to two 27-inch double QHD screens without the bezel in the middle for a consistent, ultra-wide survey insight.

Twofold the presentation

View all your content from two distinctive PC sources with Picture-by-Picture (PBP). This parts the screen into different sides, like a double screen arrangement with fewer diverting lines.

One console to do everything

Easily switch between two unique PCs with the Keyboard, Video, and Mouse (KVM) highlight. Just interface every PC to one of the accessible information sources, and KVM will control both.

Made for you

Gain an adaptable workspace and a custom review insight with the stature movable stand that allows you to shift, turn, and change your screen to your inclinations. For more customization choices, browse VESA-viable mounts and appreciate a simple arrangement with Dell Quick Release.

Unrivaled perspectives

The 32:9 angle proportion empowers an all-encompassing encounter. The 3800R bend conveys a steady central length across the screen to help improve eye comfort.

Simple on the eyes

Experience ideal eye comfort with the TUV-certified, flicker-free screen and ComfortView, a component that lessens hurtful blue light discharges.


  • Next-level efficiency and productivity
  • KVM feature to easily toggle between two different PCs
  • USB-C reduces the cable clutter
  • Unparalleled views with the 32:9 aspect ratio
  • Protection against harmful blue light emissions
  • 99% sRGB color gamut


  • Not compatible with MacBook Pro
  • 5K is not supported with MacBook Pro at 60 Hz
  • Not exactly a curved monitor
  • Pretty much expensive

Comparison between LG 49WL95C-W and Dell U4919DW

Both the monitors are pretty much similar. They both offer certain features which come in handy, while some features are not at all useful. In this LG 49wl95c-w vs. Dell u4919dw review, we would compare both the monitors to discover their flaws and strong points.

  • Both the monitors offer 60 Hz refresh rates with no availability of variable refresh rates.
  • LG monitor is a bit expensive as compared to the Dell monitor.
  • If you are into gaming, LG would be much preferable to Dell.
  • The native contrast ratio of the Dell monitor is 1184:1, while that of the LG monitor is 850:1.
  • There is an availability of a full-array backlight in the LG monitor, while there is an edge backlight in the Dell monitor.
  • There are more pixels in the LG monitor as compared to the Dell monitor.
  • Multitasking is taken to a completely new level with the LG monitor.
  • LG monitor offers rich bass speakers, while there is no such thing available in the Dell monitor.
  • Dell has no ambient light sensor, while the LG monitor comes with this amazing feature.
  • Both the monitors possess an easy and ergonomic design that would suit your workplace.

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