Mic Monitoring PC

Have you heard about Mic Monitoring? Let us explain with a few examples. If you are a religious gamer, you must be very well aware of the importance of proper communication while playing a game because if there is a glitch or interference in the microphone, you might lose the match. 

Let’s take another example of a business meeting or an online class. Due to interference in the microphone for improper communication, you might lose a huge deal or even get zero in a presentation. Let’s take a deeper look at the term Mic Monitoring. 

Definition of Mic Monitoring

Mic Monitoring is a feature on specific devices through which you can hear yourself properly. Mic Monitoring is the best feature if you are a gamer or constantly involved in conference calls. 

With the help of Mic Monitoring, while talking, you can hear yourself and know if your voice is reaching clearly to the second end without any interference of the noise or cutting off. 

Mic Monitoring is handy, and it has existed for a very long time, but not many people were aware of this feature until the time of covid. 

Since due to the pandemic, the entire work is happening on laptops and online; it has become essential that you have a strong Wi-Fi connection and communicate with your team members’ friends uninterruptedly. 

Mic Monitoring and its Enabling 

Mic Monitoring feature is available on various platforms and for multiple devices, and you can conveniently enable it by following a few steps.

Some of the significant devices you can enable Mic Monitoring are desktops, laptops, PCs, PS4, Xbox, PS5, and several other gaming consoles. Below we are going to share the steps that you can follow to enable Mic Monitoring on PC.

PC is one of the most popular platforms used by several gamers and for various work purposes. By following the steps that we will mention below, you can enable the Mic Monitoring feature and have smooth communication. 

Steps to Enable Mic Monitoring on PC 

Step 1: Taskbar & Sound Icon 

The Mic Monitoring can be enabled on PC from the sound icon, which is available on the Taskbar of the desktop page. So in the first step, all you have to do is go to the Taskbar and then select “Sounds” from the options that appear on the screen. 

Step 2: Recording Tab 

When you click on sound, a new page will appear on the screen from where you have to select the “Recording Tab.” In the recording tab, you will find the list of devices that you generally use from where you can choose a microphone, headset, stereo, whichever device you want. 

Step 3: Properties 

Once you have selected your desired device, click on it. When you click on the name of the device, a drop-down menu will appear from where you have to go to the device’s properties

Step 4: Listen Tab and okay

A new page will appear on the screen when you click on the properties in the last step. On the new page, you will see “Listen to Tab,” It will have a small box on the left side. To enable the Mic Monitoring on your PC, you have to check that box and click okay at the bottom of the page. 

If you want to disable the Mic Monitoring on your PC, you have to follow similar steps, and at the end, you have to uncheck the listen to tab and then click on the okay button. 

The steps mentioned above are only compatible with the PC because every device has different steps that need to be followed to enable or disable Mic Monitoring on them. 

Wrapping it Up

When everything has become virtual these days, Mic Monitoring has become a necessity that everyone should use nowadays. By enabling Mic Monitoring, you will not face any audio problems. 

Mic Monitoring can be a savior that you did not ask for to have uninterrupted communication with your friends during games business meetings for family gatherings.

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