Philips 346B1C Review

Many experts describe Philips 346B1C UltraWide 34″ Curved Monitor as a fantastic product that can be used both for work and pleasure. This phenomenon is because it offers various features for user’s benefits.

For example, the product offers an ergonomic stand design for better working conditions. With a 1500mm curved UltraWide display, this TV offers a wrap-around view of your work. Also, the product is equipped with a USB-C Power Delivery standard.

If you are a health-conscious person and looking for something that will not hurt your eyes, then you need to buy the best monitor for eye strain.

With this feature, this product delivers up to 90W to any supported device, such as a compatible phone or laptop. The product can also charge them while receiving a video signal with just one cable. Some other product features are as follows.

Philips 346B1C UltraWide 34 Inch Curved Monitor

Philips 346B1C Review
Screen Size34-inches
ResolutionQHD Ultra Wide 1440p
Display TechnologyLCD
SeriesB Line

Product Features of the Philips 346B1C Monitor

Design and Features

  • With Ultrawide QHD 3440 x 1440 pixels technology, the product offers Crystal Clear images for the user’s benefit.
  • With a built-in KVM switch, a user can switch between different sources quickly and easily.
  • With Philips Multiview technology, the user can view two sources on one monitor at the same time.
  • This product also offers a built-in USB-C docking station for the user’s benefit. Now the user can also save 80% energy cost of running a monitor with PowerSensor technology.
  • If you work for several hours continuously, with the LowBlue Mode feature, this product ensures that the user does not get eye fatigue.
  • This product also offers an adjustable stand. With this feature, the user can adjust swivel, tilt, and height for getting an ideal viewing position.
  • With wide viewing angles, the VA display offers awesome images.
  • With the MultiView feature, the users can watch material from two sources at the same time.
  • With the built-in PowerSensor feature, the user can save 80% energy cost.


  • The product offers a frameless LED monitor with ultra-wide QHD (2K) 3440×1440 resolutions.
  • The product offers extensive connectivity for work and pleasure, such as Display port 1.2 HDMI 2 0 and USB-C 3 2.
  • The product also offers a built-in KVM switch with multiple inputs.
  • This product offers TUV certified Low Blue mode so that you can work safely and for a long time without experiencing eye strain.



Final Verdict

All in all, the new Philips 346B1C perfectly blends productivity, work, and gaming. Not only it allows multiple windows for increasing your productivity, but its 1440p UHD display at 100Hz also offers a great gaming experience.

Further, at this price point, getting a feature-rich curved 34 inch monitor is a great deal. With the addition of the USB-C docking functionality and the KVM switch, the Philips 346B1C is undoubtedly one of the best-curved UHD monitors under $500.

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