Red Pixels On Monitor

Are you facing the problem of having Red pixels on your monitor? Having Red pixels on the monitor is not a permanent problem, but it can become one if you don’t treat it instantly. Red pixels on the monitor can make the display look extremely bad, and the entire image or video will look awful. 

The significant reasons for Red pixels on monitors can be several such as damage in the display cable, lack of power supply, stuck pixels, problem in the driver, and much more. Below, we will share a few solutions through which you can fix Red pixels on the monitor in a few seconds. 

Solutions For Fixing Red Pixels On Monitor

Cable Connection 

One of the significant reasons you see dead pixels on your monitor is the lousy cable connection, so the first solution we have mentioned is to check that.

 Even if you think you have plugged all the cables and connections properly, plug out all the wires from their respective ports and clean them once. When you have cleaned all the wires, connect them in their specific jacks again. 

If you use the HDMI ports for the cable connection, you can even try switching the cable to another HDMI port. You see Red or other stuck pixels when the connection does not pass appropriately from the power source to the monitor. 

Use a Software 

On a screen, there is a possibility of seeing either stuck pixels or dead pixels. The primary identification of the dead Pixel is the color black because the Pixel, which is dead, does not get a power supply; therefore, it does not show any color. 

But if you see a stuck pixel on your screen, which in this case is the Red Pixel, then you can use certain software that can help you unstick the Pixel and force it to return to its original place. 

Some popular software that you can use for unsticking the Red Pixel on the monitor is Undead Pixel, Pixel Healer, and Jscreen. There is a lot more software available that can help you with the Red pixels on the monitor. 

Power Supply 

Another solution that you can try to fix Red pixels on the monitor is by changing or improving the power supply to the monitor. 

Suppose you have recently downloaded any latest hardware such as processor graphics card or RAM. In that case, there is a 100% possibility that the Red Pixel on the monitor is occurring because of that. 

When you download the latest hardware or software, the monitor requires more power supply, and since it is not getting that, it starts to tear the screen, and stuck pixels start to appear on the monitor.

 Change the power supply to fix this issue and make sure that the power outlet you are using does not have any other device. 

Try Changing the Cable 

Before jumping onto the software and other solutions, you can also try changing the cables you are using for the connection, and it is one of the most straightforward solutions on the list. 

Everything has a lifespan, and similarly, cables also have a certain period up to which they work well. Due to the insufficient and inadequate supply of connection, Red pixels on the monitor appear, and the primary reason for that can be the damaged or old cable. 

To fix a solution, all you have to do is invest in new cables, connect them to your monitor, and see if you are still facing this issue. 

Summing it Up 

As discussed earlier, Red pixels on monitors are a momentary problem, but it can be permanent if you don’t fix it instantly or do something wrong while repairing it. 

One of the most overrated solutions that people try is by pressing the Red Pixel’s area. In doing so, they often ruin the monitor’s display; therefore, this solution is a big no. 

By trying the solutions that we have mentioned, you can fix the Red pixels on the monitor, and if your monitor is under warranty, you can show it to its manufacturer. 

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