Samsung ODYSSEY G9 Review

he monitor becomes an essential part, especially in this era where everything is going digital. Everyone seems to find a good, reliable and integrates with the latest technology monitor to perform their work tasks or even for the gaming.

So why not invest in the all-rounder best monitor to help you in your working projects while switching the role to become the best gaming monitor for your spare time. Also, buying a good monitor is quite tricky as many brands are trying to meet this sudden demand because of the pandemic, which forced everyone to stay home and work from home.

However, Samsung has always been there for all the tech lovers by releasing unique products that meet everyone’s demand. Samsun ODYSSEY G9 gaming monitor is another product that will surprise you with the stunning build quality and appealing features.

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Samsung ODYSSEY G9 49 Inch Monitor

SAMSUNG 49 inch Odyssey G9 Premium Quality
Display techLED
ResolutionQHD Wide 1440p
PriceUnder $2000

Key Features of Samsung ODYSSEY G9 Monitor

Design and Features

  • Samsung ODYSSEY G9 is a 49-inch thin monitor with a bezel at the bottom and a simple brand logo in the middle of the monitor.
  • The monitor is black from the front, whereas the black is white, which is unusual with the monitor.
  • The monitor stands on a V-shaped stand that occupies broad space on the desk, so you might need a huge table to set up your Samsung gaming monitor.
  • The stand also supports ergonomics and allows you to adjust its position according to your requirements. It will help you work or play the game comfortably. Besides, the ergonomics are very helpful in offices where you can not move more often, so you opt to move your monitor and satisfies your needs.
  • At the bottom of the monitor, an infinity core lightning system emits around 52 colors and five lighting effects through the on-screen monitor. It all happens via the RGB light ring that is attached to the monitor’s colossal stand.
  • The power connector is also accessible at the back of the monitor, along with other connectivity ports. Samsung always integrates a satisfactory amount of port inputs to satisfy gamers’ and workaholics’ needs. The monitor has two DisplayPorts, one HDMI, one USB hub port, two USB ports for quick charging or relative connecting devices.
  • All the working folks will like its subtle design with a bit ofa touch of sophistication.


  • Samsung ODYSSEY G9 gaming monitor performs pretty on a QLED monitor with a 32:9 aspect ratio, which is somewhat surprising and inspiring.
  • It delivers 5120 x 1440 pixel resolution on the screen that brightens up the display and provides accurate images.
  • The display enhances the viewing experience mainly from the front with its 1000R curve.
  • The monitor runs at a 240Hz refresh rate that contributes to the smoothing gaming performance and justifies its hefty price tag. The monitor refreshes fast and provides the latest updates in no time. It is a feature that every high-brand monitor lacks when they increase their screen size.
  • The contrast ratio of the Samsung gaming monitor is also attractive that automatically enhances the brightness level, which is 193 candelas per square meter at the point.
  • The blacks on display are also satisfactory, with 0.052 nits at the contrast ratio of 3742:1.
  • The QLED display offers comprehensive color gamut coverage, responsible for delivering bright, rich, and lifelike colors.
  • The input lag performance of the monitor reports at 4.4ms at the 240Hz refresh rate. Whereas 17.4ms with a 60Hz signal, which is a little disappointing.
  • You can effortlessly play counter strike and other games on the monitor as it supports Nvidia G-Sync compatibility for making your gaming experience smooth and reliable. Besides, the monitor has the potential to handle fast-moving objects very professionally, without compromising the quality.
  • You can also benefit from its massive screen with promising color coverage for your graphic designing or image editing work. The screen also allows a splitting feature that makes it possible to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.


  • Very bright display.
  • Rich colors
  • Ergonomic stand.
  • Lots of connectivity inputs.


  • Expensive.


Samsung ODYSSEY G9 is a fantastic gaming monitor and is perfect from every angle. The first impression is catchy for the human eye, and the features are exciting for everyone. It is the ideal monitor for the working or gaming purpose as it has something for everyone.

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